Students with Disabilities

Students with a Learning Difficulty or a Disability

Marino Institute of Education welcomes applications from prospective students with disabilities and endeavours to assist all students to realise their potential as professional educators by offering a range of supports, including reasonable accommodations. In supporting the participation of students with disabilities in programmes that confer eligibility to practice as a teacher, the institute strive to balance principles of inclusiveness with the high standards and duty of care required of educators of children and young people.

MIE has a Disability Service which provides advice and support to students with disabilities. Support available to students with disabilities include:
  • Needs assessment on entry to determine any additional learning requirements
  • Assistive Technology training and support
  • Pre-placement planning and support
  • Liaison with your tutors/lecturers to help arrange accessible programme materials
  • Extended library loans
  • UNILINK: a practical occupational therapy service for students who may be experiencing mental difficulties, or have a physical disability or significant on-going illness.
Students with a disability should apply to the Disability Access Route to Education (DARE)

Details of this service along with requirements for registering with it and examples of the supports and accomodations available are available by telephoning the Access Desk at 01 8057744

Useful Websites are

Association for Higher Education, Access and Disability (AHEAD):
Central Applications Office:
Higher Education Authority:
Access College: