The Role of Irish

The Role of Irish in the College

One of the college’s distinguishing features and characteristics is that communication through the Irish language is encouraged and welcomed in all areas of college life, including administration, teaching and learning and social activities.  Courses are not taught exclusively through Irish but students are prepared and supported to undertake Teaching Placements in the Gaeltacht and/or Gaelscoileanna.

The following supports exist:

Student Cumann Gaelach
Irish language newspapers and magazines available in the library
Cultural events
Irish Language Fund (supporting students engaging in Irish language activities, for example, an t-Oireachtas)
Grants available for students applying to study in the Gaeltacht
Grants available for students applying to do Teaching Placement in the Gaeltacht.

An Irish Language Award is presented annually to the graduating student who is foremost in promoting Irish in the college.

Language Course in the Gaeltacht

Attendance at a Gaeltacht course is a requirement of the Department of Education and Skills for all students. B.Ed students in MIE, in general, opt to attend a two-week in the Gaeltacht during the Easter break in first year and again in second year. This enables students – in particular those who are going abroad – to make full use of the long summer breaks. B.Ed students may opt instead to attend one three-week course during the summer. This option also exists for Graduate students. Most graduate students in MIE opt to attend the three-week course in the summer. The aim of the Gaeltacht course requirement is to help the students’ spoken Irish. Students unanimously agree that the weeks in the Gaeltacht are very memorable.