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h2>Professional Master of Education (Primary) - Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest in continuing your studies at Marino Institute of Education. We know that this is a big decision for you and your future career. It is important to have the most complete information to hand when making your decision, and so we have put together this set of questions and have tried to answer them as clearly as possible. Please contact pmeapplications@mie.ie if you have further questions or if you need any clarification.

Applications for Marino Institute of Education (MIE) and Maynooth University Froebel Department of Primary and Early Childhood Education are made online (only) through the MIE App Centre. This can be accessed at http://maestro.mie.ie/appcentre/

You will be required to create a login name and password in order to apply.

The MIE App Centre is currently open for PME applications.

The closing date for receipt of online application is 5.00pm on Monday 19th March 2018. 

There are 50 places available in Marino Institute of Education.

In addition to your application you will need to supply the following: 

  • Passport size colour photograph (head shot only)
  • Photographic identification        
    • Passport
    • Drivers licence
    • Public Services Card
    • National Identity Card
  • Leaving Certificate/GCE/GC(S)E Examination or (approved alternatives results)* showing that the 2nd level minimum entry requirements have been met
  • Official Transcript* showing that the 3rd level academic qualifications are met (i.e. Minimum 2.2 Level 8)
  • For students who are sitting final examinations and are awaiting final results, a letter from their HEI confirming the date of the publication of final grades and the level of the course
  • Application fee charge of €50.00. You will be directed to MIE online payment system upon successful submission of the form.

* Certified true copies

Yes. By applying through http://maestro.mie.ie/appcentre/ you will be considered for a place in both institutions. On your application form you will be asked to order your preference of institution (e.g. 1. MIE and 2. Maynooth or 1. Maynooth and 2. MIE). Eligible applicants will be invited for interview at the institution they put number 1. Then all candidates who are interviewed in both centres will be ranked based on their performance in the English interview and the oral Irish test.

Places will then be offered based on your order of preference and on the availability of places in each institution. 

The cost for Professional Master of Education (Primary), in MIE, is €5564 per annum. Students are also required to pay a once off material charge payment of €295 at the start of Term 1.

The application fee is €50.00.

When you create your online application you will be given a PME application number. You will need to use this application number as a reference when you pay the application fee.

  • When you have successfully submitted your online application, you will be re directed back to “My Applications”.
  • There, select the “Pay application fee” button which brings you to MIE online payment system.
  • When you select Log in, you must create an account, or, enter your user name and password, if you are an existing user.
  • Select “MIE Students” from the drop down menu and then select PME Application Fee.  As part of the process, you will be directed to enter your PME application number and make the payment. The application fee is not refundable.

Please note that applications will not be processed until the application fee has been paid. Further information about finance can be accessed here.

No, the application fee is not refundable.

Entry requirements for the course can be accessed at the bottom of this page: www.mie.ie/pme

You will need to upload certified copies of your Leaving Certificate results which verify that you meet the Leaving Certificate entry requirements. If you have misplaced your Leaving Certificate results, you can order a copy of your statement of results from the State examinations website: https://www.examinations.ie/?l=en&mc=ca&sc=sor

You also need to upload certified copies of your degree, to verify that you have achieved the minimum 2.2, grade on a level 8 degree. This information should be available on the parchment that you received when you graduated from your course. If the level of the course is not stated on the parchment you need to provide a copy of a transcript or to provide a letter from the relevant HEI confirming that the course is a level 8 (or above). The HEI should also be able to provide you with copies of your qualification, in the event that you have misplaced your originals. You will be required to bring all original documentation with you should you be invited to attend for interview.

If you are awaiting your final degree results, you must state this on the appropriate section of the application form. You will need to upload a letter from the HEI confirming that you are in your final year of a (min) level 8 course and the date that final overall results will be available. Should you be successful in the application process, you will be offered a provisional place, subject to the receipt of confirmation of your overall final grade. All documentary evidence of meeting entry requirements must be submitted to MIE on or before 5.00pm on Friday June 29th 2018.

If you are sitting the Leaving Certificate in 2018 in order to meet a minimum entry requirement in a subject(s), you are not eligible to enter the 2018 competition. The reason for this is that all entry requirements must be met and verified before Friday, June 29th 2018.

Yes, the old D1 grade on an honours paper corresponds to the new H5 grade which satisfies the Irish application requirement for this year’s competition. In addition, all students are required to take an oral Irish test as part of the competition.

Once all sections of the application form have been filled in and supporting documentation uploaded, you will be asked to confirm that the information you have provided is correct and accurate. Once this is confirmed, your application can be submitted. Once submitted, an email acknowledging receipt of your application is sent to the email address you provided when you first created your App Centre account. 

Certified true copies may be obtained by bringing the original document and a photocopy to your University/College, Garda Station (Local Police Station), Solicitor, Courthouse, or Commissioner of Oaths, and having the photocopy certified and officially stamped as a true copy of the original. Photocopies that are not certified will not suffice. Please note that these documents will not be returned.

A 'certified copy' is a photocopy of the original document certified as being a true copy by a competent authority (that is, signed by a lawyer, Commissioner for Oaths, medical doctor, justice of the peace, university administrator, local law enforcement officer e.g. Garda Síochána, etc.). Photocopies of 'certified copies' will not be accepted.

The closing date for receipt of applications is 5.00pm Monday 19th March 2018. After this deadline, all applications will be checked to ensure that applicants meet the entry criteria. All those who satisfy the entry criteria will be invited to an interview at MIE via email.

Interviews are scheduled to take place in MIE on Wednesday 2nd and Thursday 3rd May 2018. This may change depending on the number of applicants.

All applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application in mid-June.

You are not required to upload references as part of the application process but you must supply the name and contact details of at least two referees. These can be contacted at any time but not unless a place has been offered.

The interview is marked out of 100, and you will need to receive a minimum of 40 marks to pass. The Irish Oral Exam is marked out of 40, and you will need to receive a minimum of 16 marks to pass. You must pass both the Interview and the Irish Oral Exam in order to be considered for a place on the course. 

Information on the Interview is available here.

Information on the Irish Oral Exam is available here.

If you are successful,  you will receive an offer by email. You will be asked to log on to the MIE application centre where you can accept or decline the offer. In order to fully accept the offer of a place in MIE you must secure it by paying a €500 deposit, which is refundable only if the degree entry requirements are not met. 

How to accept your offer

  1. Select "Accept" under action. Your application status will change to "Offer accepted"
  2. Click "Pay Deposit", which opens the MIE online payment system
  3. Select "Log in", to either create an account, or to enter your user name and password if you are an existing user.
  4. Select "MIE Students" from the right hand side drop down menu and go to "F2 - PME Deposit"
  5. Once payment has been approved by the MIE Finance Office your offer of a place will be confirmed

The PME programme is sanctioned from year to year. Therefore it is not possible to defer an offer of a place until the next academic year.

The course will commence on Monday, September 3rd September 2018.

Where an applicant to the Professional Master of Education (PME) (Primary Teaching) programme in the Froebel Department of Primary and Childhood Education, Maynooth University, Co Kildare, or in Marino Institute of Education, Griffith Avenue, Dublin 9 is dissatisfied with a decision relating to admission to the PME programme they may appeal on the following grounds only:

  1. that the selection procedure was not conducted in accordance with the procedure set out in the guidelines issued by the Department of Education and Science in the relevant year
  2. that there was a gross irregularity in the conduct of the interview or oral Irish Test

Appeals must be submitted to the Registrar of MIE within 10 days of the results being issued. The fee for submitting and appeal is €100, which is refundable should the appeal be successful.