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PME Entry Requirements and Procedure for 2018

Academic Qualifications

Applicants must have the following academic qualifications:

(a) An honours degree (level 8 with honours II.2 result or higher) or a major award at level 9 or 10, and

(b) one of the following sets of second level qualifications:

    • Leaving Certificate Grades: Irish – H5, Maths – O6/H7, English – O5/H7 (or equivalent)*
    • In the Northern Ireland GCSE and GCE A Level Examinations: Irish - Grade C at GCE A Level,  English/English Literature - Grade C  in both at GC(S)E Level or Grade B at GC(S)E Level in either, Maths - Grade D at GC(S)E Level in Additional Maths or a Grade C at GC(S)E Level in Mathematics.

*The grades and % percentage marks in the 1992-2016 grading scheme and the new 2017 scheme are set out here.

Applicants must provide evidence that their degree is placed as a major award at the appropriate level on the National Framework of Qualifications. Applicants must meet all entry requirements by Friday, 29th June, 2018 and must provide documentary evidence of meeting these requirements.

Alternatives to second-level qualifications in Irish, English or Maths

A Pass in a University First Arts Examination in Irish, English or Mathematics will be accepted in lieu of the Leaving Certificate Examination GCE/GCSE requirement for the relevant subject.

In the case of Irish, a Grade C in the Matriculation Examination (which existed up to 1992) will also be accepted in lieu of the Leaving Certificate Examination/GCE/GCSE requirement.  In addition, the following are accepted as satisfying the Leaving Certificate Examination/GCE/GCSE requirement:

  • Dioplóma sa Ghaeilge, Level C1, NUIG
  • Dioplóma sa Ghaeilge, Level B2, NUIG
  • Dioplóma sa Ghaeilge, Maynooth University
  • Teastas Eorpach na Gaeilge (TEG) at Level B2, Maynooth University
  • Diploma in Arts (Applied Irish), University College Cork
  • Dioplóma sa Ghaeilge Fheidhmeach, UCD
  • Dioplóma sa Ghaeilge (An Ghaeilge sa Saol Comhaimseartha), University of Limerick
  • Diploma in Irish at the University of Ulster

 In the case of Mathematics, a Pass in that subject in the Matriculation Examination will also be accepted in lieu of the Leaving Certificate Examination/GCSE requirement.

Selection Procedure

Eligible applicants will be required to undergo an Interview and an Oral Irish Examination. Applicants who get a "fail" grade in either the Interview or oral Irish Examination will be eliminated from the competition. The purpose of the Interview is to ascertain the suitability of the applicant for participation in a primary teacher education programme.

The Oral Irish Examination will comprise:-

  • conversation on everyday topics and on books read by the applicant; and
  • reading correctly and intelligently a suitable passage of prose or poetry and explaining the matter read.

Applicants should note that a high standard of fluency is required in the Oral Irish Examination and should prepare for the examination accordingly.

Applicants will be advised of the date, time, venue, etc, of their Interview and Oral Irish Examination and must attend these examinations at their own expense. 

General Information

Gaeltacht Placement:

Attendance and Cost:  All students who gain entry to the programme are required to attend two residential placements in the Gaeltacht. Each placement will be of two weeks’ duration. It should be noted that this is a compulsory part of the programme.  The cost of this compulsory placement will not be met by the Department of Education & Skillsor the Higher Education Institution. 

Student Grants: 

Following a change introduced in Budget 2017, the maintenance grant for post-graduate students who meet the qualifying conditions for the special rate of grant has been reintroduced. Such students will be eligible to receive the special rate of maintenance grant from  the 2018/19 academic year and have their post-graduate tuition fees paid up to the maximum fee limit of €6,270 under the Student Grant Scheme.

Other postgraduate students who don’t meet the qualifying conditions for the special rate of grant, may qualify to have a €2,000 contribution made towards the cost of their fees. The income threshold for this payment is €31,500 for the 2018/19 academic year, increasing relative to the number of family dependents.

Students are advised to submit a fully completed online grant application to SUSI so that their eligibility for grant assistance can be assessed. Further information is available on the SUSI website at www.susi.ie

Fitness to Practise:

  1. Garda Vetting: Before a student’s registration can be completed, the student must undergo a process of Garda vetting in order to establish whether (s)he has any convictions or criminal charges pending. Where this process confirms the existence of such, the matter is referred to a Vetting Committee within MIE which decides whether the student can continue with his/her programme of study.
  2. Medical Requirements: All incoming teacher education students are required to complete a Health Status Information Form, indicating whether they have any significant ongoing illnesses or disabilities which might adversely impact their capacity to meet the requirements of the programme, including School Placement. Entrants who declare health conditions, disabilities or psychological conditions will be assessed on an individual basis to evaluate whether, with reasonable accommodations, they would have the ability to undertake the demands of the programme. Individuals will not be excluded on the grounds that they possess a particular condition or disability if it is deemed likely that it would be possible for that person to fulfil the requirements of the programme with reasonable accommodation(s). MIE will advise students as to the procedure to be followed in this regard.

During this full-time teacher education programme, participants may not engage in business or in any other programme of study without the prior permission of MIE's President.  

*Please click here to download PME Entry Requirements and Procedure for 2018