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MIE Mission Statement

Inspired by the Christian vision, Marino Institute of Education is a teaching and learning community committed to promoting inclusion, quality and excellence in education. The dignity and potential of each person is central to our life, work and service.

We realise our mission by providing a quality lifetime approach to teacher education that promotes reflective practice and on-going teacher renewal. MIE offers innovative and resourceful courses, programmes and experiences to schools and local communities. Original research projects, which respond to existing and emerging needs, are undertaken. We are dedicated to providing the highest of standards in our facilities and services.

MIE is committed to:

  • The person and values of Edmund Rice in particular his vision of an inclusive and liberating education
  • The development of the student as a caring and passionate professional
  • Cherishing our Irish cultural and linguistic traditions while being members of the global community
  • A working environment of mutual respect, open communication and accountability, effective leadership and communication.


MIE will be a centre of global consequence, in teaching and research in the field of education.

Through collaboration and technology, we will extend our geographic boundaries and create momentum for the delivery of new, high quality, innovative programmes in education. We will build critical mass for world class research in partnership with others, and will foster university-school-community links that contribute to sustainable improvement and renewal across the entire education system.

We will extend our commitment and expertise in the area of inclusion by continuing to conduct research and providing education programmes to empower the socially disadvantaged.

We will lead national and international dialogue regarding the opportunities and challenges pertaining to pluralism and diversity in education settings.

Guiding Principles

Our seven Guiding Principles underpin all aspects of our institutional advancement:

1. Be supportive of the Mission of Catholic education by assisting processes to articulate the ethos of Catholic education and by proposing models of education to implement it;

2. Be ecumenical and respectful of people of other faiths;

3. Provide a strong element of teacher education;

4. Provide education programmes to encourage and to empower the disadvantaged and the poor;

5. Build a community of learning which is person centred, respectful of individual differences and accessible to people who are disadvantaged;

6. Assist parents to fulfil the responsibilities of their role as educators;

7. Respect all truth seekers and defend their right to pursue new knowledge wherever it may lead.

These Guiding Principles form the basis of our joint trusteeship with Trinity, and are informed by the values of Blessed Edmund Rice, particularly his vision of an inclusive and liberating education.