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Your chance to study at MIE in 2023 – It’s not too late to apply!

It’s not too late to apply for the 2023 intake across many of our courses at MIE. On this page, we have summarised which of our undergraduate and postgraduate programmes are still open for application, and what you need to do to apply.


Undergraduate programmes

If you have already submitted your CAO application for an undergraduate programme, you can register a change of your course choices via the CAO change-of-mind facility free of charge between 5th May (12:00 noon) – 1st July 2023 (17:00).

Our undergraduate programmes that are open for CAO change-of-mind include our B.Ed. (Primary) and our B.Ed. through the medium of Irish (Primary), as well as our B.Sc. (Early Childhood Education) and our B.Sc. (Education Studies). Please see below for further details about these programmes and information on how to apply.


Bachelor in Education (Primary)

Helping young people learn has to be one of the most satisfying and rewarding careers of all. By choosing the B.Ed. (Primary) programme, you embark on a four-year course that will prepare you for working in primary schools in Ireland. You will find out how children learn to read, write, count and calculate; you’ll learn how to introduce them to the arts, the magic and the mysteries of the world around them, and teach them how to grow and develop in a healthy way. This year, MIE is offering 30 additional places on this programme.

  • Click here to find out more about our B.Ed.
  • Click here to access the CAO change-of-mind facility and apply for our B.Ed.


Bachelor in Education Through the Medium of Irish (Primary)

If you are interested in Irish and in teaching through the medium of Irish, this is the degree for you! MIE’s innovative teaching & learning environments and our dedication to the Irish language will ensure that you will take with you a passion for teaching, for the Irish language and for its culture. This year, MIE is offering 30 additional places on this programme.

  • Clickhere to find out more about our B.Oid.
  • Clickhereto access the CAO change-of-mind facility and apply for our B.Oid.


Bachelor in Science (Early Childhood Education)

The quality of education and care that children receive in the earliest years of their lives has a huge influence on their subsequent education and happiness. In order to enhance existing provision of courses for preparing early childhood practitioners, MIE is delighted to offer this new level 8 degree which is accredited by Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin. The flexible delivery of this programme makes it attractive both to those who intend to work in the sector and to those who are already employed there.

  • Click here to find out more about our B.Sc. (Early Childhood Education)
  • Click here to access the CAO change-of-mind facility and apply for our B.Sc. (Early Childhood Education)


Bachelor in Science (Education Studies)

Education happens in all kinds of places and throughout our lives – not just in school buildings and not just in our early years. If you choose the B.Sc. (Education Studies), you learn about the many ways, times and places in which people learn, and how these have changed over time. You will come to appreciate how education can enhance people’s lives and how different approaches benefit different people at different times of their lives, depending on what they need to learn. Learn about the formal and informal educational opportunities available to people, whether it is their first or second chance to experience for themselves the benefits of education.

  • Click here to find out more about our B.Sc. (Education Studies)
  • Click here to access the CAO change-of-mind facility and apply for our B.Sc. (Education Studies)


Postgraduate programme: Professional Master of Education (Primary)

If you are a graduate who is interested in embarking on a postgraduate programme in primary teaching, you can apply for our Professional Master of Education (Primary) until 2nd June 2023 (5pm). This year, MIE is offering 50 new places on the programme.

The Professional Master of Education (Primary) prepares graduates to enter the teaching profession. On entering the programme, students are embarking on a programme that combines professional preparation and research training. The programme emphasises the acquisition of key teaching practices and students are expected to develop a wide range of practical teaching skills both during their time in MIE and on school-based placement. Alongside this, the programme has a significant academic dimension and students are required to develop competency in educational research and to complete a dissertation on a relevant research area of their choice. The PME (Primary Teaching) is a two-year full-time programme which meets the professional requirements of regulation two (primary) of the Teaching Council Regulations.

  •  Click here to find out more about our PME (Primary) and to apply for the programme online.


Postgraduate programmes: Master in Education

In addition to our PME (Primary), we offer a range of Master in Education Studies programmes, as well as a Professional Diploma in Education. To find out more about our full offering of postgraduate courses, please click here.