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Empowering Inclusive Teachers for Today and Tomorrow – at Lukkari Primary School, Nurmijarvi, Finland

A wonderful welcome was extended to the team by project partner and teacher Kirsi Lemponen, her colleague Satu Kastikainen and the entire school staff, student body and community of Lukkari school.  During a week of in-depth learning we explored the Finnish education system, primary teaching and teacher education in Finland, and came to know more about Finland, its people and culture.  Our focus was a study of the school’s successful model of ‘co-teaching for inclusion’, whereby a mainstream teacher and an experienced special education teacher, supported by a classroom assistant, work on a full-time basis in mainstream classes.  In each of these classes there are approximately 24 children, 7 – 10 of whom have special educational needs.  We were privileged with opportunities to observe teacher / pupil interaction in a variety of classrooms, to discuss our daily observations and learning with teachers and the school principal, to learn from teacher presentations and an Inclusion seminar, and to engage with the students, teachers and the principal of the special school that shares the Lukkari school campus.  MIE lecturers Jennifer O’Sullivan and Sandra Austin participated in this learning week with EiTTT project coordinator, Anne Ryan.

Learning Activity 2: Co-Teaching - Inclusive Classroom Practice

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