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Luciana Lolich PhD



01 853 5115
St Mary's, Room 122


PhD Social Sciences (Focusing on Higher Education in Ireland) University College Dublin (Ireland) - 2015

MSc Management (First Class Honours), Dublin Institute of Technology (Ireland) - 2003

BA (Hons) Business (First Class Honours), Universidad de Palermo (Argentina) - 2001

Certificate in Project Management, University College Dublin (Ireland) - 2017

PG Certificate in Third-Level Teaching & Learning, Dublin Institute of Technology (Ireland) - 2006


Peer-reviewed Journals 

Lolich, L., (2021) The Care Manifesto. The Politics of Interdependence, Community Development Journal, 2021; bsab023, https://doi.org/10.1093/cdj/bsab023 

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Lolich, L. (2020) ‘If I get a good job you could say that it was worthwhile’: students’ views on higher education as a risk investment. Irish Educational Studies. 

Pirhonen J., L. Lolich, V. Timonen, K. Tuominen and O. Jolanki (2020) ‘These devices have not been made for older people’s needs” – older adults’ perceptions of digital technologies in Finland and Ireland’. Technology in Society, 62. 

Lolich, L. & Timonen, V., (2020) Fortunate and fearful: Emotions evoked by home care policies for older people in Ireland, Emotions and Society, 2, 1. 

Lolich, L. (2019) The prioritisation of choice in eldercare: the case of Ireland. International Journal of Care and Caring. 

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Book Chapters

Lolich, L. and V. Timonen, V. (2021), ‘The ageing entrepreneur: Co-opting older adults into the siliconisation of elder care’ in editor(s) Tammelin, M., Hirvonen, H., Wouters, E. and Hanninen, R., Critical perspectives to digital transformations in the care of older people, London & New York, Routledge 

 Lolich, L. and Timonen , V. (2021) Technology for care and living: Making sense of care technologies through a critical perspective in, editor(s)C. Ranci and T. Rostgaard, Research handbook of social care policy, Cheltenham (UK) & Northampton (MA, US), Edward Elgar, 2021,  

Lolich, L.  (2020) ‘Confiando en nuestras emociones’ in Vulnerabilidad, pobreza y políticas sociales; compilado por Angélica De Sena. - 1a ed.- Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires: Ed. CLACSO; Ciccus, ISBN 978-987-722-783-3