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Dr. Michael Flannery



01 8057727
St Mary's, Art Room


Department Head of Arts, Maths, PE and Early Childhood Education 


PhD Education from the National College of Art and Design, Dublin (2010)
MSc in Technology and Learning from University of Dublin, Trinity College (2014)
H.Dip. Community Arts Education from the National College of Art and Design, Dublin (2003)
M.A. English Language Education from Canterbury Christ Church University (1996)
B.Ed. (Primary) from St. Patrick's College, NUI (1989)

Lecturing responsibilities 

Bachelor of Education: Visual Arts and Integrated art
Professional Masters in Education: Visual Arts and Integrated arts   
Masters in Education Studies: Visual Arts MESVA

Visual artist-in-residence coordination 

Visual artist Kevin Gaffney (2017-2018)
Visual artist Mark Joyce (2018-2019)

Research / Professional Interests

Research fellow with Arts in Education Research Group (AERG) at Trinity College Dublin

  • Exploring A/R/Tography in Preservice Education - becoming (novice) artist, researcher, teacher
  • Creativity and creative habits 
  • Imagination and imaginative education
  • Ideation self-efficacy 
  • Integrated arts and Arts Integration  
  • Multi-literacy development and Visual Arts
  • Co-equal STEAM MATES

Publications, papers and presentations

Flannery, M. & Mc Morrough, A. (2019). Mobile device use in third level education: Attraction, interaction or distraction. Paper presented at INTED 2019, Seville. 
Flannery, M. (2019). Read, research, reflect and respond: Using visual arts based methods to teach about the descriptive power of metaphor. Paper presented atLAI, 2019, Dublin. 
Flannery, M. (2018). Going with the flow: Exploring flow as a lens and tool to act, think and plan more inclusively in the classroom. Presentation at IATSE 2019, Dublin. 
Flannery, M. (2018). Nurturing Preservice teachers’ ideation. Paper presented at WCE 2019, Dublin.
Flannery, M. (2018). Combating the classroom imagination deficit: Increasing pre-service teachers’ ideation self-efficacy for more creative teaching and learning. Paper presented at WERA 2018, Cape Town. 
Flannery, M. (2017). Edulearn. Evaluating Multi-user virtual environment technology for visual arts inquiry using action case research. Paper presented at Edulearn 2019, Barcelona. 
Flannery, M. (2017). Children, Creativity and Contexts - Reflecting on C3i in early education practice: Curriculum integration, imagination and innovation. Keynote at RECEC Symposium, TCD, Dublin.
Flannery, M. (2016). Evaluating MUVE technology for visual arts inquiry. Presentation at InAEA 2nd Biennial Virtual Conference. 
Flannery, M. (2016). Evaluating the impact of Visual Arts on children’s procedural writing. Paper presented at LAI 2016, Dublin. 
Flannery, M. (2017), Evaluating multi-user virtual environment technology using action case research. Paper presented at Edulearn 2017. 
Flannery, (2016). Evaluating the impact of Visual Arts on children’s procedural writing. Paper presented at LAI 2017, Dublin. 
Scotens (2013) Online CPD: analysing primary teachers‟ perspectives on creativity, imagination and innovation in Creative Teachers for Creative Learners, Implications for Teacher Education
(2013) RAI Conference, Dublin.  Introducing VALID - Literacy development in Visual Arts. Presentation at RAI Conference, Dublin. 
Flannery, M. (2012). Analysing primary teachers’ perspectives on imagination, creativity and innovation. Presentation at Scotens 2012. 
Granville, G. Ed. (2012) Art Education and Contemporary Culture Irish Experiences International perspectives, Bristol UK/ Chicago USA, Intellect Publications. 

Committee/ Organisation memberships

AERG: Arts in Education Research Group
ATAI: Art Teachers Association of Ireland 
CESI: Computers in Edcuation Society in Ireland 
IATSE: Irish Association of Teachers in Special Education 
INAEA: International Art Education Association 
INSEA: International Society of Education through the Arts
MERC: Marino Ethics in Reseach Committee
RHA: Royal Hibernia Academy 


Michael Flannery is a senior lecturer at MIE with leadership responsibilities in the areas of arts and religious education. He has been lecturing in visual arts education in Marino since 2000. He also lectures in cross-curricular integration, imagination and innovation and integrated arts. In 2010, he received his PhD from the  National College of Art and Design following prior postgraduate studies in community/arts/education. He completed other postgraduate studies at Trinity College Dublin and Canterbury Christ Church University in technology enhanced learning and second language acquisition. 

His research activities are informed by his visual arts practice, his primary teaching experience of twelve years and teaching preservice and practising teachers over the past two decades. Research interests concern visual arts and its impact on imagination, creative habits of mind and multi-literacy development. Other interests include creative use of technologies in visual arts and co-equal STEAM education.