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Empowering ePortfolio Process (EEP) is a 24-month Erasmus+ project that is working to develop student-centred education by enhancing transparency of assessment practices though the development of empowering and dynamic approaches to the e-portfolio process. The project is coordinated by Hame University of Applied Sciences (Finland), with partners from Marino Institute of Education (Ireland), VIA University College (Denmark), University College Leuven-Limburg (Belgium), Catholic University Leuven (Belgium), and Polytechnic Institute of Setubal (Portual).

EEP aims to increase students’ motivation to take control of their learning and career management. EEP will develop innovative methods and models to improve the educational environment in order  that students can create e-portfolios during their studies and use them in different transition stages from one level of education to another or as they transition from education to the workforce (and vice versa). This requires digital competence both from the students and their teachers (who are in guiding roles) to make the students' skills and competences visible. In addition, EEP aims to strengthen the operations and cultures of higher education institutes in applying innovative assessment and guidance methods for recognising prior learning and competences acquired outside formal education and training.

EEP will enhance digital integration in learning through an improved e-portfolio process used in higher education institutions. This will support and improve the guidance and assessment processes for students by ensuring their competences become more transparent both within their own institutions and to their possible future employers. The e-portfolio process emphasises the students' role and responsibility in their own learning and thereby increases their skills.

EEP is a creative endeavour, which acknowledges the innovative contribution e-portfolios make to aligning competence-based assessment criteria in degree programmes and the skills and competencies demanded by the 21st century world of work. In addition, EEP acknowledges that digital competence is a potential barrier to the successful implementation of e-portfolios and this is factored in to the developmental nature of the pilot activities in the project.

To learn more about the project, please visit: https://eepeu.wordpress.com or download the project factsheet here.


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