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Marino Institute of Education - Counselling Services

What We Do...

We offer free, confidential and non-judgemental support to registered students of Trinity College Dublin and the Marino Institute of Education, who are experiencing personal and/or academic concerns.

Our team of qualified counsellors and learning strategists are committed to promoting and protecting wellbeing and success throughout a diverse student body.

No matter who you are, no matter what your situation is, the Student Counselling Service is here to support you through your difficulties.

We strive to help all our students irrespective of age, disability, sexual orientation, socioeconomic background, gender identity and expression, marital or family status, religion, ethnicity or culture.

Counselling gives you some time and space to explore any issue that is of concern to you.

If you are interested in meeting with a counsellor in a confidential setting about the difficulties you are experiencing, the Student Counselling Service offers: Online SupportOne to One Counselling and Groups & Workshops. Your first appointment at the Student Counselling Service will be a brief consultation appointment to help you figure out what will work best for you.

If you are a student struggling to cope, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you.

Examples of the issues students seek counselling for include:

  • Stress or Anxiety
  • Relationship Difficulties (family, romantic, platonic)
  • Depression or Mood Difficulties
  • Grief or Bereavement
  • Homesickness or Loneliness
  • Lack of Motivation or Direction
  • Sexual Identity Issues
  • Gender Identity Issues
  • Personal Identity Issues
  • Separation/Divorce
  • Assault or Abuse
  • Self-Harm
  • Bullying or Racism
  • Addiction or Substance Use
  • Eating or Body Image Issues
  • Unplanned Pregnancy
  • Low Confidence or Self-Esteem


If you wish to attend an appointment with the Student Counselling Service, please consider one of the options below. To book an appointment, please phone us or email marinocounselling@mie.ie

The MIE Counselling Services is delivered on campus and is also supported by the TCD Team who are available by dropping into the service reception 3rd floor of 7-9 South Leinster Street or contacting them on:

If you have any appointment please arrive 15-20 minutes prior to your first appointment to complete important intake forms. These forms are completed on our waiting room PC’s and your answers are sent directly to the counselling service database. All your answers are encrypted and securely stored. Your MIE record is not affected in any way by completing these forms or by attending the service.

Sandra Carroll is the member of the TCD Counselling Team currently assigned to MIE and to make an appointment with Sandra you can call 01 896 1407 or email marinocounselling@mie.ie.  Alternatively you can email access@mie.ie for further information or a member of the MIE staff can make an appointment for a student also by calling 01 896 1407. 

Online Services Available

  • Silver Cloud – an interactive programme moderated by a student counsellors, designed for those having emotional difficulties such as depression or anxiety. Students can log on to http://silvercloud.scss.tcd.ie/signup/tcd/
  • My Mind Matters – provides a variety of self-help literature and supports for a number of mental health issues and is specifically for 3rd level students. http://mymindmatters.ie/
  • E-pub – this is a completely confidential assessment tool which allows you to gain insight to your drinking habits and the impact that alcohol can have on your lifestyle as a whole, it is non- judgemental and very informative. http://interwork.sdsu.edu/echug/ie/TCD/

All further information and access to considerable resources and support can be accessed by http://www.tcd.ie/Student_Counselling/student-learning/  or by contacting Sandra on 01 896 1407 or by emailing marinocounselling@mie.ie

If you don't find the information relating to the MIE Student Counselling Services that you are looking for in these webpages you can email your query to access@mie.ie

Appointments Brief Consultation (Your first appointment)

All students who request a counselling appointment will be offered in the first instance, a brief consultation appointment. These appointments are available for booking at varied times. There are brief lunchtime drop-in consultations available in TCD, which you can attend without booking in advance.

In many cases this single opportunity to talk through issues provides enough support for you to manage your situation without further help. In other instances it helps us identify what further supports are available to best meet your needs going forward.

This might include referral to supportive therapeutic groups, information on self-help supports within the service, online therapy programmes or a scheduled appointment to engage in further counselling or in some cases referral to external services.

At peak times students may be allocated to a wait list for counselling if there are no available appointments within 2 weeks. Our professional support staff will make contact with you by phone or email to inform you of available appointments while on the wait list.

There is an emergency counselling appointment available each day. To book this appointment call 01 8961407, and the counsellor on duty will call you back.

How to Book A Brief Consultation

You can book the initial brief (30 minute) consultation with a Counselling Service staff member in two ways:

  • You can book a brief consultation appointment by calling into the service in person (7-9 South Leinster Street (3rd Floor) or phone us on 01 8961407. We do not offer online booking at present.
  • Alternatively, call into the TCD service for the daily lunchtime drop in Brief consultation slot (2 available daily) between 1 and 2pm. As these are popular it is advisable to come early to avail of this option. Lunchtime drop-in appointments are only available during term time.


In the event of an Emergency that cannot wait, the Student Counselling Service has Emergency slots available every day. Students are asked to use this time for Emergencies only and to book the slot by calling (01) 8961407.

Where appropriate, MIE Tutors, Student Services and Staff Members can refer a Student to the Counselling Service and book an Emergency Appointment on the Student's behalf.

If your situation is not an Emergency, please Make an Appointment as outlined above.

Please visit the After Hours Support page for a list of contacts.


If, for any reason, you have to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please allow us as much notice as possible, as we may be able to offer the appointment to another student who is waiting to see a counsellor. Simply phone (01) 8961407 or email marinocounselling@mie.ie and advise us that you will not be able to attend your appointment.