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Marino Institute of Education - Student Learning Development (SLD)

Delivered in conjunction with Trinity College.  This service provides learning support to help MIE students reach their academic potential.

We work with students who are struggling with their studies as well as high achieving students who want to improve their performance.

There are workshops and events, throughout the year, on a range of academic and learning skills e.g. self-management skills, study and exam skills, presentation skills, writing and critical thinking skills. Additionally, there is a series of online workshops for off-campus students.

Students can also book a one-to-one basis by appointment, for individual queries and students can also come along to our drop-in clinics which operate on a first come basis.

SLD Core Principles

  • We aspire to coach each student in achieving their goals to the best of their ability, regardless of previous attainment.
  • We have a developmental and evidence based approach to learning which is informed by best practise.
  • We use adaptable study practices, applicable in all disciplines. We recognise each student as an expert in their own field.
  • We are not prescriptive. We aim to help students to find individual insights, processes and strategies, to encourage a self-regulated approach to learning.
  • We do not proofread.
  • We offer a safe, confidential space for students to develop their learning skills. We respect professional boundaries and refer appropriately where necessary.
  • We work in partnership with students, student representatives, academic staff and student support services to provide a service that meets the learning development needs of a diverse student body.
  • We support students to develop as well-rounded people who have the national and international perspective, awareness, knowledge and skills to fully and continually engage with and contribute to education and wider society. 
  • We are committed to the professional development of our team and the provision of a high-quality service.

The SLD 'LEARN' Approach

In order for us to help students reach their academic potential, we need to truly understand what the student's perspective is and what they want to achieve. Together, with the student, we can then explore suitable strategies to improve performance. Our approach to understanding each student's requirements can be summed up with the 'LEARN' acronym, explained below.

Listen in order to understand student's context and background in order to establish the nature of the student's query.

Empathise with the student, and aim to understand what the learning issue is, from the student's perspective.

Ask questions to further establish and clarify the student's learning needs..

Recommend suitable learning resources, strategies or further services and supports (if appropriate) that the student can refer to after the SLD session.

Next steps - A follow-up SLD meeting or referral to another academic or support service as appropriate.


We run a wide range of FREE workshops for undergraduates and postgraduates. We run workshops face-to-face and also provide some workshops online.

Workshop content is based on proven strategies to help students improve their performance in their studies. Workshop topics include essay writing, thesis writing, exam preparation, study skills, self and time-management. Postgraduate workshops also cover topics such as planning and managing your PhD, viva preparation, literature reviewing.

To find out about upcoming workshops please email access@mie.ie

Customised/Tailored Workshops
Student Learning Development also run customised workshops.  These workshops can be delivered online or face-to-face and are developed collaboratively to meet the needs of a particular cohort. 

To find out more about customised/tailored workshops please email access@mie.ie

Online Workshops (Webinars)

From time to time we run webinars on a variety of topics. The webinars are interactive, and allow students who are off campus or who prefer online methods of delivery, to attend workshops to develop their academic and learning skills.

There is no charge to attend the workshops and copies of all workshop notes are also made available on Moodle.

To find out more about Online workshops please email access@mie.ie

To access the services of the MIE Student Learning Development team please email access@mie.ie.