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1916 Leaders and Learners Bursary: Terms and Conditions

  • 1916 Bursary conditional offers are subject to the successful applicant receiving a CAO offer in round 0, A or 1 in Marino Institute of Education (MIE)
  • A 1916 Bursary is conditional and subject to the successful student registering in MIE and confirming they are in receipt of the Special Rate of SUSI or a means tested social welfare payment
  • These bursaries are tenable for the normal duration of the primary degree programme undertaken subject to funding being available and to a maximum of four years in respect of a full-time undergraduate provision
  • A student can only hold one significant Scholarship/Bursary. In the event of a student qualifying for more than one bursary, the bursary of the greatest value will be awarded
  • Awarding of this bursary will not affect entitlement to the Student Grant (SUSI) administered or the Back to Education BTEA
  • The bursary can be deferred. Any application for deferral of a bursary must be made when accepting the conditional offer
  • If a student has to repeat a stage the bursary will be suspended for that year and will resume once the student progresses. Academic performance will be monitored and relevant support provided if necessary
  • Students will be expected to fulfill the regulations of their college and to undergo any examinations/assessment as determined by the authorities of their college for their course
  • MIE reserves the right to withdraw the bursary should a student continually fail to complete the academic standards of their programme, or if they face disciplinary proceedings
  • The students who are awarded the 1916 bursary are required to pay any fees due to the University. Failure to do so may result in the withdrawal of the scholarship
  • Successful candidates will be required to provide a short annual report, extracts of which will be used in publicity materials and reports to the HEA
  • Successful students will be invited to a 1916 Bursaries awards celebration, group photos will be taken at this event and may be used for publicity materials and reports to the HEA
  • The 1916 scholars will be encouraged to act as community mentors within their HEI and their local community
  • 1916 scholar's progression & results will be tracked for HEA reporting requirements.