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Welcome to the Marino Institute of Education summer course programme for 2021. This year we are offering face-to-face courses on campus at MIE in the first week of July (1st -7th) and a range of online courses that will run for the month of July (1st – 31st).

This year we are also hosting a blended video conferencing/online course that will take place in the first week of July (1st -7th ). Information on content, registration and payment for all these courses is included below.

For further information on these courses please contact:

Summer Course Administrator at (01) 8057775 or email inservice@mie.ie


button_pay_now_irCOURSE FEE (Face-to-Face): €90

COURSE FEE (Online Courses ): €50 *

(*Teachers and the Law €90)

*For online courses please register and pay through MIE's Moodle page: www.mie.ie/moodle     

Face to Face Courses


Tutors: Mary Mc Kenna & Anne Collins

This course aims to provide the teacher with an opportunity to develop a comprehensive approach that focuses primarily on meeting the individual needs of autistic children in their class, while also supporting their own development as reflective innovative practitioners in a positive and sustainable way. The combined autism teaching experience of the co-presenters will ensure a very personal and practical approach with strong emphasis on play, relationships and joyful learning. While the content may be primarily suited to those teaching in a special class setting, it would greatly benefit mainstream teachers who seek further understanding of autism and its implications for learning. It is envisaged that all teachers will return to their school with renewed vision coupled with a wealth of practical strategies to promote children’s learning and development.



Tutor: Ena Morley

Teaching is one of the most rewarding professions, but also one of the most demanding. This course offers simple, ready to use and evidence-proven mindfulness tools and strategies to help teachers manage the stresses of both their work and their lives in general. With the additional challenges of the Corona Virus pandemic, we, as teachers, are digging deep into our internal wells and drawing on our courage and resilience to adapt to the changes in our lives and our work practices. This course provides the space and opportunity for you to replenish your ‘wells of wellbeing’ and re-gain equilibrium through engaging in practices that help to calm the mind, body, emotions and spirit. Emphasis is placed on guided meditations in a safe, nourishing ‘meditation room’ atmosphere and environment. Explicit links to curriculum and wider school wellbeing policies and practices are interwoven throughout the course.



Tutors: Suzy Macken & Caitríona Cosgrave

Get active, have fun in an ever-changing, socially distanced PE learning environment! Learn how to facilitate a broad and balanced PE curriculum while maintaining government regulations. Activities suitable for all class levels. Participants will engage in a variety of activities based on the strands of the PE curriculum and explore other issues in PE such as SEN, ICT, physical ‘fitness’, Active School Flag and the relationship between PE, physical activity and sport. The course will also explore lesson plans/schemes and other recommended materials for the teaching of PE and any relevant equipment required to implement activities. The course takes place in the gym at MIE with every opportunity taken to use our campus, playing fields and local area if the weather permits.



Online Courses


Facilitator: David Ruddy BL

How our world has changed! Who would have thought that remote teaching and learning would now be so eagerly embraced by schools? Continuing uncertainty as to when we will resume normal activity makes us refocus on our priorities. Compliance and safety for pupils and staff has never been so important considering the legal and technical challenges of remote education. Risk assessment to cater for the changed environment is essential.

This is a hands-on practical course designed to help you navigate around the legal pitfalls in schools. Topics include: Cyber bullying; Work Related Stress and Employment Law, Duty of Care; Negligence; Codes of Behaviour; The new Admission Policy; Child Safeguarding; Special Education Needs; GDPR and Health & Safety. “Looking at Our Schools”, the 2016 seminal Department of Education and Skills quality framework document will always be the backdrop for engagement.

Participants will emerge from this course with a proactive perspective on legal issues. They will become acquainted with the landmark cases along with the ground-breaking legislation. Issues can be teased out among fellow participants. Materials can be shared with the school community. Above all, participants will feel empowered by gaining a greater understanding of law.


Testimonials from 2020:

The course has opened my mind up to so many questions and queries regarding the many legal issues we have to be aware of in our schools today. It has answered many of the concerns I have has as a principal and member of our Board.


Overall, I would like to thank you for putting together a great course which was very insightful for teachers and really helped to broaden my understanding of the many legal issues that can impact on teachers, schools and Boards of Management.


This was an excellent course on helping to navigate around the legal pitfalls in schools The modules were clearly structured with information on compliance and safety for pupils and staff particularly valuable.

For this online course please register and pay through MIE's Moodle page: www.mie.ie/moodle   


Facilitators: Clara Fiorentini & Sinéad Lambe - THIS COURSE IS SOLD OUT, 7 July 2021.


 “Those who work with very young children have a unique opportunity to get it right from the start”  (French, 2013)


Young children learn best in playful, interactive, nurturing learning contexts. Getting it in the infant classroom right matters. This course provides a comprehensive and practical exploration of teaching and learning in the infant classroom. From practice to preparations, this course provides the A to Z in organisation, management and methodologies to support best practice in the infant classroom.

This course aims to support participants in the creation of an interactive learning environment and in facilitating purposeful, playful, language-rich learning experiences across the curriculum.

Content within each module has been carefully designed to equip participants with research informed, contemporary approaches to planning, practice and organisation of the infant classroom.


 Modules include:

  • Play & Playful Learning
  • Language & Literacy
  • Classroom Organisation
  • Classroom Management
  • Teaching Methodologies
  • Approaching Assessment


Whether you are interested in refreshing your current practice or you are new to early childhood education, this is the course for you!


Testimonials from 2020:

"This has been one of the most relevant, practical and enjoyable summer courses I’ve ever done!"


"I don’t even know where to begin. This course has been packed with amazing resources, tips, hints and practical information that I will use in the upcoming school year. each module had a wealth of information and gave brilliant ideas."

"This course gave a comprehensive overview of teaching strategies and methodologies to use in the infant classroom. Everything from play, Aistear, literacy, handwriting, behaviour and classroom organisation was covered. The course really puts the learning of the child at the forefront of all modules and encourages best practice in all the different elements of infant teaching".

For this online course please register and pay through MIE's Moodle page: www.mie.ie/moodle   


Facilitators: Miriam Colum & Adrian Lohan

This lively course is packed full of practical resources, strategies and guidance for both mainstream and special education teachers to enhance their understanding of inclusive education. Participants will engage in depth with the Guidelines for Supporting Pupils with SEN in Mainstream Schools (2017). Information on a range of categories of learners with SEN is examined along with Universal Design for Learning (UDL) approaches for effective differentiation. The assessment and target setting process for developing Student Support Files (IEPs) is explicitly addressed. Team-Teaching strategies and recommendations on effective collaboration with SNAs, parents and external professionals are explored. A variety of evidence-based approaches to literacy intervention is outlined.

 Testimonials from 2020:

“This is without doubt the best summer course I’ve done- so practical and so many resources which I will use in my role as class teacher and SET. I will share these resources with my staff.” Sarah


“Loved the UDL approach to differentiation, and the knowledge of a range of categories of pupils with SEN. The videos on team teaching are so insightful! I have always found writing IEP targets daunting- and this course has given me so much confidence and practical skills! Thank you so much Miriam and Adrian!” John

      “Was so good- I want to do it again!” Kate

For this online course please register and pay through MIE's Moodle page: www.mie.ie/moodle