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QQI Qualifications

Students with appropriate QQI (Level 5 and Level 6) qualifications, with a minimum of five distinctions, can be admitted on a competitive basis to CM010 Bachelor in Science (Education Studies) and CM020 Bachelor in Science (Early Childhood Education). 

The QQI awards accepted are as follows:

Level 5

AAXXX, 5M1985, AACDX, 5M1984, ACXXX, 5M1981, ADESX, 5M2208, AGDXX, 5M1995, BBSAX, 5M2468, BBSBS, 5M1997, BBSSX, BBSXX, 5M2102, BIPXX, 

5M2067, DCHCC, 5M2786, DCHSC, 5M2009, DCHSX, 5M4468, DHSSX, 5M3782, DHSXX, 5M4339, EASSX, 5M2181, ECAXX, ECDXX, 5M3050, ECHSX, 5M2154, 

ECMXX, 5M5048, ELAXX, 5M3114, ELESX, 5M2073, EPADX, 5M4572, EMMPX, 5M2146, EETXX, 5M3635, EPJXX, 5M2464, EPAMX and 5M2011.

Level 6

6M4029, 6M5150, 6M2230, 6M3706, 6M5127, 6M3618, 6M2218, 6M4985, 6M4587, 6M2263, 6M3115, 6M2007, 6M3674, 6M4978, 6M5128 and 6M3566.