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ga - Gerry O'Connell

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The Arts, Physical and Religious Education


Ed.D2015, University of Exeter
Qualified with first class honours in the Masters in Religious Education (Primary) in 2003, where my thesis involved exploring Jesus the Parabler. A chapter derived from my thesis was published in ‘Nurturing Children’s Religious Imagination’ (Veritas, 2004).


Religious Education ( H.DIP/B.Ed), World Religions Elective

Research / Professional Interests

Currently undertaking Doctoral Research in the University of Exeter, my intention is to examine the process that my students and I are engaged in around Religious Education and our perceptions of that process or at least our perceptions of our experience of that process. I am particularly interested in exploring the effect of experiential work on the unfolding of the students’ own spirituality. My hope would be that the EdD would equip me with the critical reflection skills required to describe what is actually happening in my work and in the students’ work, to refine it, to improve it and to offer it as a way of doing Religious Education in Teacher Education Colleges.


Distance Running would be my chief hobby with 2 hours and 39 minutes for the Dublin Marathon in 2005 (to win the Irish Championship in the over-45 age group) my last decent performance. Looking forward to the over-55s in 2015!!