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Quality Reviews at MIE 

Quality Reviews

Every seven years, according to QQI guidelines, all universities must undergo an institutional review. Trinity, is the designated awarding body of MIE. Therefore, MIE must provide evidence of internal reviews to Trinity. Such evidence is presented in the form of an Annual Institutional Quality Assurance Report (AIQR), which when published is available from the MIE QA Office website and QQI website. This ensures that MIE meets the standards set out above in the ESG and QQI guidelines.

To prepare for the institutional review, MIE performs a continuous cycle of internal quality reviews on its departments, programmes and services. Each review can be broken down into three broad steps:

  1. Pre-review – the selected department/programme/service completes a confidential self-assessment report (SAR). Guidance for this is provided by the QA Office.
  2. Review – a peer review of the SAR and site visit is completed by the by a peer review group (PRG) and finalised by coordinating with the MIE review leader and QA Office.
  3. Post-review – a PRG report is provided to the department/programme/service who must then create a quality improvement plan (QIP). Guidance for this is provided by the QA Office. A QIP is required to detail and implement any improvements necessary as a result of the PRG. The PRG will be made publicly available on the QA Office webpage.

The timetable for internal reviews are set out in the MIE Schedule of Reviews. The findings of these reviews are published on the QA Office website.

The Statutory Institutional Review of MIE is conducted periodically by Trinity on behalf of QQI.


   Professional Diploma in Education        (Further Education)

     PDE (FE) Review Report

   Institutional Response - PDE(FE) Review

IT Services

     Report-IT-Services-Quality-Review    Institutional Response - IT Services Review


Professional Accreditation Reviews

Teaching Council Review of programmes of Primary Initial Teacher Education under Céim: Standards for Initial Teacher Education (2020)

Overall Outcome
Bachelor in Education
Baitsiléir san Oideachas
Professional Master of Education