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Introduction to Research at MIE – Committed to Excellence in Applied Research

Building on a rich tradition of research-led and evidence-based education, MIE is committed to moving the Institute into a new phase of research activity, characterised by an increased emphasis on applied research. MIE’s commitment to research is a cornerstone of the Strategic Plan 2021-2026 as one of its five strategic priorities alongside teaching, universal access, sustainability and technology. This phase of MIE’s research journey recognises the power of research in the field of education. Therefore, it is pivotal that the Institute’s teaching and learning is informed by research and that the introduction of innovative and new approaches to education are rooted in international evidence. Additionally, research can help us to understand the contexts in which education takes place, and to identify the obstacles that must be overcome so that every individual has access to high-quality education.


The MIE Research Office provides infrastructure to support this increased focus on applied research and underscores the importance of research in the institute. Achieving Goal 4 of the Strategic Plan, which stipulates a commitment to excellence in in applied research, will ensure that MIE is responsive to developments on the educational research landscape and will in turn influence relevant policy and practice at local, national and global levels. Through a Research Strategy Development process involving a range of stakeholders within the Institute, a Research Strategy has been agreed which outlines the specific ways that MIE’s commitment to applied research will be realised. The Research Strategy consists of three High Level Goals which aim to: position MIE as a leader in applied educational research; increase research capacity within MIE; and embed an active research culture within the Institute. Through the achievement of these goals MIE strives to increase its research impact, increase staff capacity for producing high quality applied research and position itself as a leader in applied educational research.