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EiTTT (Empowering Inclusive Teachers for Today and Tomorrow) is a new European strategic partnership project funded under the Erasmus+ KA2 Education Programme of the European Commission. MIE coordinates this 30-month project. Learn more.

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MIE is a partner in this Erasmus+ project that is working to develop student-centered education by enhancing transparency of assessment practices though the development of empowering and dynamic approaches to the eportfolio process. Learn more.

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The Migrant Teacher Project aims to increase the participation of migrant teachers in the Irish primary and post-primary education sectors. Funded by the Department of Justice and Equality, through the Office for the Promotion of Migrant Integration, the project provides information, advice and training to teachers who have qualified outside of Ireland, to help them to continue their profession in Irish schools. Learn more.


The THRIECE (Teaching for Holistic, Relational and Inclusive Early Childhood Education) project is a response to the current shift in European education towards neoliberal discourses that prioritise ‘valuable’ knowledge while devaluing areas not seen to have utility in a global economy. THRIECE is funded under the Erasmus+ Programme. Learn more.


EDUCATE (Enhancing Differentiated Instruction and Cognitive Activation in Mathematics Lessons by Supporting Teachers) is a 30-month project funded under the Erasmus+ programme. Learn more.