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Research Strategy 2023-2028

The MIE Research Strategy represents a culmination of a Research Strategy Development Process which included multiple opportunities for staff across the Institute to input into the strategy’s development and was guided by the commitment to a supportive community. Staff participation was key to the development of a strategy that reflects the experience, expertise and ambitions of the MIE community. Consequently, the collaboration and partnership that informs this Research Strategy, signals a commitment to ensuring that the Research Strategy is owned by the community at Marino.

The overarching vision for research in the Institute is underpinned by a supportive and positive environment and culture within which to work and conduct research. This environment is characterised by mutual respect for the breadth and depth of education research activity in the Institute and is respectful of different approaches and stages in research careers. The strategy entails the positioning of MIE as a leader in applied educational research by increasing our research capacity and embedding an active research culture within the Institute.

Through this Research Strategy, we aim to not only create new knowledge but also to bridge the gap between research and the broader educational community. We envision our research findings and insights being translated into tangible strategies and policies that positively impact the lives of students, educators, and stakeholders across the education landscape.

The Research Strategy consists of three High Level Goals: Position MIE as a leader in applied educational research; Increase research capacity within MIE; and Embed an active research culture within MIE. These goals are supported by 17 Key Aims and 40 Enabling Actions. Mirroring the processes of the Strategic Plan, a Research Strategy Implementation Plan has been developed alongside the Research Strategy to provide guidance, oversight and accountability for the successful attainment of the Goals, Key Aims and Actions of the strategy.

As with the Strategic Plan’s goal for excellence in applied research, achieving the goals set out in this research strategy will ensure that MIE is responsive to developments on the educational research landscape and will in turn influence relevant policy and practice at local, national and global levels.


Dr Rory Mc Daid

Director of Research, MIE