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Welcome to the Marino Institute of Education summer course programme for 2024. This year we are offering face-to-face courses on campus at MIE in the first week of July (1st to 5th) 2024 and a range of online courses that will run for the month of July only (1st to 31st July 2024).

This year we are also hosting a unique blended  course that will take place in the first week of July (1st to 5th) 2024.

Information on content, registration and payment for all these courses is included below.

For further information on these courses please contact:

Summer Course Administrator at (01) 8057775 or email [email protected]

Summer Course Application Form can be downloaded HERE


COURSE FEE (Face-to-Face): €95

COURSE FEE (Online Courses): €55

Face to Face Courses (July 1st - 5th) 2024

Gaeilge : Deiseanna chun Gaeilge a Labhairt

Teagascóir: Aodán Mac Suibhne

Would you like an opportunity to practise and brush up on your own Gaeilge with some of your colleagues in a variety of informal relaxed settings inside and outside the classroom? This is the course you’re looking for!

Beidh deiseanna agat Gaeilge a labhairt le daoine eile i suímh thaitneamhacha gan bhrú laistigh agus lasmuigh den seomra ranga. Beidh tú ag labhairt Gaeilge le daoine eile, beidh tú ag rólimirt, gheobhaidh tú turas treoraithe ar an DART trí mheán na Gaeilge ó Bhinn Éadair go Bré agus tabharfaidh tú cuairteanna ar ionaid stairiúla i lár chathair Bhaile Átha Cliath. Deiseanna chun an teanga a úsáid i suímh neamhfhoirmiúla.

2023 Teistiméireachtaí

Bhain mé an-taitneamh as an gcúrsa seo. Ní raibh aon bhrú curtha ar na múinteoirí agus bhí deis againn go léir éisteacht le Gaeilge chruinn, soiléar, saibhreas an mhúnteora agus bhí seans againn labhairt as Gaeilge don tseachtain uilig. Ba bhreá liom cúpla seachtain eile a dhéanamh i rith na bliana. Ba chóir do gach múinteoir an cúrsa seo a dhéanamh!  Beatha teanga í a labhairt. Go raibh míle maith agat as ucht gach rud. Tá súil agam go mbeidh tú ag déanamh an chúrsa fiche bliain eile.

Bhain mé an-taitneamh as an gcúrsa. Bhí a lán deiseanna agam chun Gaeilge a labhairt. Bhain mé an-taitneamh as na turais difriúla. Bhí siad an-suimiúil. Bhain me taitneamh as an bpáirt/gné stairiúil. Bhuail mé le cairde. Bhí an-spraoi againn. Tá níos mó féinmhúiníne agam. Bhí seans an-mhaith againn Gaeilge a labhairt go nadúrtha i rith an chúrsa. Beidh mé ar ais an bhliain seo chugainn. Míle buíochas.

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Mindfulness for Teachers - Skills for Wellness, Peace & Productivity

Tutor : Ena Morley


Teaching is one of the most rewarding professions, but also one of the most demanding. This course offers simple, ready to use and evidence-proven mindfulness tools and strategies to help teachers manage the stresses of their work and their lives in general. This course provides the space and opportunity for you to replenish your ‘wells of wellbeing’ and regain equilibrium through engaging in practices that help to calm the mind, body, emotions and spirit. Emphasis is placed on guided meditations in a safe, nourishing ‘meditation room’ atmosphere and environment. Chi Kung and Tai Chi exercises are learnt and practised at regular intervals each day. Explicit links to curriculum and wider school wellbeing policies and practices are interwoven throughout the course.

2023 Testimonials

I really enjoyed this course and felt it was so beneficial to me after a busy year of teaching. Ena is just so knowledgeable and so enthusiastic about the benefits of mindfulness. It is evident that she practises what she says. She is very inspiring and so easy to listen to. I really enjoyed all the mindful movements and I feel really motivated to continue. Thank you Ena for a wonderful week. A great start to the summer holidays.

This was an amazing course. I learned very good ideas for the wellness programme in my school going forward. I also found it very useful to me personally. Teachers are so stressed in these times and it is so important to help them so that they in turn are in a good place for and in helping the children in their care.

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Digital Technologies for Teaching & Learning in the Primary School

Tutor : Ciara Reilly & Seán Smyth 

CR2 f6ec94f0-ed13-411a-903c-059fc534b151

This is a course suitable for all levels: whether you're looking to discover new tools for class or online engagement, or to consolidate your command of the options already out there, you'll find plenty to help you prepare for the post-Covid world of digital tuition - from the classroom and afar. 

The course aims to broaden teachers’ knowledge of content and methodologies that pertain to the primary school in relation to the following areas:

  • Use of digital technologies to enhance and support literacy practice
  • Use of digital technologies to enhance and support numeracy practice and assessment
  • Use of digital technologies to enhance and support primary school leadership
  • Computational Thinking in the primary classroom
  • The Digital Learning Framework to enhance and support digital technologies

 Participants will engage with a carefully chosen selection of resources that broaden their perspective, and provide suggestions that can be taken back to the classroom to enhance digital technologies in the classroom. They will be invited to consider the implications of the Digital Learning Framework, arming teachers with the capacity, confidence and technological self-efficacy required to lead/assist with a particular aspect of the school’s current and/or future SSE cycle(s) in digital learning.

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Promoting Practical & Playful Primary PE

Tutors: Suzy Macken & Caitríona Cosgrave

Get active and have fun whilst participating in this course which promotes a broad and balanced PE curriculum for all class levels. Participants will engage in a variety of hands-on activities and explore other issues in PE such as inclusive PE,  assessment and ICT in PE and the place of PE in the new draft Primary curriculum. The course will also explore lesson plans/schemes and other recommended materials for the teaching of PE and any relevant equipment required to implement activities. The course takes place in the gym at MIE with every opportunity taken to use our campus, playing fields and local area if the weather permits.

2023 Testimonials

This is the best summer course I have attended. I prefer face-to-face courses in general and this one was a great choice for me. It completely exceeded my expectations. The course covered so much in twenty hours. The way it was structured was so clear and organised. We always knew what we were doing and also what to expect the next day. 

This was hands down one of the best summer courses I have done. It was so relevant and I am so excited to bring this back to my class/school. The variety was excellent. We were kept on our toes all week literally. Thank you so much. 

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Looking at Autism : Effective Practice to Support Pupils to Thrive & Learn

Tutors: Mary McKenna & Anne Collins


This course aims to provide the teacher with an opportunity to develop an effective practice that focuses primarily on meeting the individual needs of autistic children in their class, while also supporting their own development as reflective innovative practitioners in a positive and sustainable way.

The combined autism teaching experience of the co-presenters will ensure a very personal and practical approach with strong emphasis on play, relationships and joyful learning. While the content may be primarily suited to those teaching in a special class setting, it would greatly benefit mainstream teachers who seek further understanding of autism and its implications for learning.

It is envisaged that all teachers will return to their school with renewed vision coupled with a wealth of practical strategies to promote children’s learning and development.

2023 Testimonials

This course is excellent to improve understanding of autism and great importance on respecting the child. I really enjoyed all the real life examples. The presenters were excellent and really lively and entertaining. I found it very difficult to sit and listen for so long and would have loved more break-out groups to discuss case studies and hear other people’s experiences. Thank you for a great week and teaching us so much.

This course was one of the best decisions I have made in preparing for starting with my class. The strategies were practical and realistic. Mary and Anne made the course so engaging using real life examples to show various strategies in a real class. I think mentally I was very daunted about taking on this class but now I feel like I have been given permission to make mistakes and learn to build a relationship with these children. There has not been a single day where I felt the course was dragging. I can’t believe how fast the week has gone by. But now instead of daunted I feel excited for next year. Thank you both for this!!

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Inquiry Based Learning in STEM - Preparing for a Revised Primary Curriculum

Tutors: Alan Bedford & Louise Nelson

In this course, participants will explore ways to integrate literacy and numeracy learning across the subject areas of History, Geography and Science. During the week, participants will explore ways to maximise deep, meaningful learning opportunities through an integrative, Inquiry-based Learning (IBL) approach.

A key objective during the week will be focusing on the importance of the “process” rather than just the end product - valuing the skills children will be developing as young Scientists, Historians & Geographers. Active learning, discussion and collaboration will be central to the delivery of this course as well as the exploration of case studies including best practice examples of integrated literacy and numeracy through an IBL approach in SESE.  Participants s will engage in tangible, “real-word” examples of how IBL promotes curiosity, collaboration, co-creation; reporting and taking action are key parts of IBL.

2023 Testimonials

This was a very enjoyable course from start to finish. It was so practical and there was a great mix of hands on/outdoor/pair/group work. I got lots of useful ideas and I am excited about putting some of these into use next year. Thank you.

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Maths & STEM with Humpty Dumpty and the Greedy Triangle

Tutors : Breed Murphy, Bridget Flanagan & Matthew Whyte.

Bridget_Flanagan breedmurphy

In preparation for the new mathematics curriculum, this new course has a focus on the teaching of maths and STEM to children from Junior Infants to 2nd class. During this course teachers will:

  • Use STEM activities to promote productive dispositions
  • Investigate the benefits of using a literacy stimulus to develop conceptual understanding
  • Connect shape and space activities with maths talk and mathematical thinking
  • Develop strategic competence in mathematics through the use of technology
  • Integrate STEM and Aistear

This new course aligns with the core approaches of the new mathematics curriculum and the vision for STEM Education in the Primary Curriculum Framework.

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Blended Course (July 1st - 5th)


Tutors: Karin Bacon, Sandra Austin, Georgina Laragy & Ciarán Masterson.

This blended summer course has a lovely blend of collaborative and independent inquiry. It will take place during the first week in July [1st to 5th]. Day one of the course will take place face to face on Monday 1 July at Glasnevin Cemetery. For the next three days (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) participants will engage in directed fieldwork in their local area with online daily support via the MIE Moodle platform.  Day five of the course will be delivered face to face on Friday 5 July at Marino Institute of Education where participants will share their discoveries. 

The course is designed to model best pedagogical practices in relation to the teaching of history at Primary level and to develop the skills of working as an historian, as outlined in the Primary History Curriculum.

Through their engagement with this course and in particular by working with staff of Glasnevin Cemetery in conjunction with their local cemetery, participants will have a deeper understanding of history as a body of knowledge as well as history as a way of working. They will develop a greater awareness of the vision of the Primary School History curriculum, thus helping them identify engaging ways to commemorate historical events in the future particularly within their own locality. Participants will be introduced to the potential of Glasnevin Cemetery as a model to stimulate Historical inquiry and to apply this model in their local context.

2023 Testimonials

I loved this course. I learned so much from the facilitators, the other participants and my own detective work. I found it very emotional and I loved the fact that we met on the Monday, went away to do our research and then meet up again on the Friday. My favourite day was the Friday, listening to all the stories. Míle buíochas.

This was one of the best courses I have ever done. It was great personally and also so useful for the classroom. The potential a graveyard holds for learning is astounding. The blended format is absolutely perfect. Starting in Glasnevin and ending together bookends it all perfectly.

For this blended course please register and pay through MIE's Moodle page: www.mie.ie/moodle   


Online Courses (July 2024 only) - Self Register at www.mie.ie/moodle

Firm Foundations : Building a Foundation for Literacy Learning in the Junior Primary Classroom

Facilitators: Clara Fiorentini 


This comprehensive course unpacks literacy components and key priorities for teachers in building firm foundations for children’s literacy learning. Designed for teachers of infants to 1st class, this course provides an in-depth exploration of the engaging and playful practice necessary to best support young children’s language, reading and writing development. With playful, integrated practice at its core, this course aims to equip teachers with a wealth of practical strategies and resources to support the provision of high-quality literacy learning experiences in the junior primary classroom.


  1. Preparing the Learning Environment
  2. Oral Language Development
  3. Approaching Reading and Writing
  4. Prioritising Play
  5. Meaningful Methods

Whether you are interested in refreshing your current practice or you are new to early childhood education, this is the course for you!


Testimonials from 2023:

"This has been one of the most relevant, practical and enjoyable summer courses I’ve ever done!"


"I don’t even know where to begin. This course has been packed with amazing resources, tips, hints and practical information that I will use in the upcoming school year. each module had a wealth of information and gave brilliant ideas."

"This course gave a comprehensive overview of teaching strategies and methodologies to use in the infant classroom. Everything from play, Aistear, literacy, handwriting, behaviour and classroom organisation was covered. The course really puts the learning of the child at the forefront of all modules and encourages best practice in all the different elements of infant teaching".


Facilitators: Dr Miriam Colum & Adrian Lohan

This course aims to provide participants with a range of practical skills and resources that can be implemented in the inclusive classroom.

Aspects addressed include current developments in inclusion, the application of key concepts in the Department of Education & Skills 2017 SEN Guidelines and Autism Good Practice Guidance documents, development of Student Support Files, assessment & target setting, literacy strategies, accommodations for a range of needs through a universal design for learning, and approaches to effective collaboration. Participants will be equipped with approaches for effective inclusive provision in mainstream, special education teaching (SET) and special class settings.

 Testimonials from 2023:

“This is without doubt the best summer course I’ve done- so practical and so many resources which I will use in my role as class teacher and SET. I will share these resources with my staff.” Sarah

“Loved the UDL approach to differentiation, and the knowledge of a range of categories of pupils with SEN. The videos on team teaching are so insightful! I have always found writing IEP targets daunting- and this course has given me so much confidence and practical skills! Thank you so much Miriam and Adrian!” John

      “Was so good- I want to do it again!” Kate