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MIE Mission Statement

Inspired by the Christian vision, Marino Institute of Education is a teaching, learning and research community committed to promoting inclusion, quality and excellence in education for the public good. The dignity and potential of each person and the pursuit of a just society and a sustainable planet are central to our life, work and service.


To be a distinctive voice in enabling a just, sustainable and transformative education for all.

Guiding Principles

Our seven Guiding Principles underpin all aspects of our institutional direction

  1. Be ecumenical and respectful of all faith communities
  2. Provide a strong element of teacher education
  3. Be supportive of the mission of Catholic education by articulating its ethos and by proposing models to implement it
  4. Provide education programmes to encourage and empower the poor and disadvantaged
  5. Build a community of learning which is person-centred, respectful of individual differences and accessible to people who are disadvantaged
  6. Assist parents to fulfil the responsibilities of their role as educators
  7. Respect all truth seekers and defend their right to pursue new knowledge wherever it may lead

These Guiding Principles form the basis of our joint trusteeship with Trinity College Dublin, and are informed by the values of Blessed Edmund Rice, particularly his vision of an inclusive and liberating education.