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Marino Institute of Education takes great pride in the accomplishments and successes of its graduates, both nationally and internationally.


Our goal in MIE is to forge strong links with our alumni and to create appropriate channels for our alumni to communicate with the Institute and to participate in and collaborate on several priority programmes. We wish to welcome our alumni back from far and wide, to lead the development of courses and projects to support graduates in their professional capacity.

Not only have our alumni flourished in education but also in the world of sports, music and entertainment, fashion, literature, and more. We have several alumni who have come back and joined us professionally as lecturers and staff in the college, as well as graduates who have been awarded the alumni award for their personal and professional achievements since graduating. We look forward to the development of our alumni initiative and are excited about what this will bring to MIE as a community and as an Institute.

Each year, MIE awards one prestigious graduate its Alumni of the Year Award. This award has been presented to many past students and this tradition continues today. You can find out more and view past winners here. 

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Alumni Testimonials

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Chris Dyas

What is your fondest memory of being a student at MIE?

My fondest memory of being a student at MIE is building relationships with my classmates. Having come in as a mature student, I was worried that I would be in a minority, but I'm happy to say that my fellow students were all very friendly, easy to get along with, and great people.

Emma Ní Churraoin

What would you say to a student considering applying to MIE?

One of the benefits of Marino being a smaller college is that there is more of a sense of community. Whether it be bumping into a lecturer while grabbing a coffee on campus or in the lecture hall, the interest that lecturers had in their students is something I will always value.  I also choose MIE as I was so impressed with the Irish department it has. As somebody who was born and raised in a small Gaeltacht in Co. Meath, this meant a lot to me when choosing my college course.

Ali Duff

How did MIE inspire your career path? 

I chose to do the Bsc Ed Studies Programme as I wanted to become a teacher at the time. However, during my internship in my final year, I fell in love with my internship and chose to a different path. I now am a Social Care Worker in an organisation that supports adults with intellectual disabilities.

John Walsh

What would you say to a student considering applying to MIE?

I have always wanted to be a teacher but never got the opportunity! Then I heard about the Professional Diploma in Education (Further Education) course in Marino College. So, after 20 years’ experience in IT Management I made the jump. I started the course and teaching in DFEi (Dun Laoghaire Further Education Institution) at the same time. Working and studying at the same time can be challenging but I could put what I learned in the course into practice straight away.  For anybody looking to go back to education, MIE provides the support, experience and expertise you need.

Meg Fenton

What have been your greatest achievement and biggest challenge to date?

Greatest achievement - Planning and preparation are key when it comes to staying on top of work, college & family commitments.

Biggest Challenge - Achieving the above and still managing to have a social life!

Listen to your heart! Just do it! It's a wonderful college of teacher education where you feel everyone knows your name.

Purnima Bhushan

What would you say to a student considering applying to MIE?

I recommend studying at MIE for anyone who is planning to study. The support I got during my course was commendable and worth putting your efforts and hard work into. It wasn’t easy doing the course with two young kids, but the flexibility, support from the tutors, and course design have helped me to work around my personal life.

Samantha Cuddy

How did MIE inspire your career path? 

It gave me a chance to show my skills in my subject area and I have even come in to give a guest lecture to other cohorts of students. I don't think I am going to be in the classroom forever, I can move up in the sector.


How would you describe MIE in 3 words?

Oasis of Learning. 

Samantha Rath

What is your fondest memory of being a student at MIE? 

Making connections It was a very personal place, and my lecturers made me feel like they knew us all individually; no question was silly, no matter what , they always answered our queries.


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