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Learners as Co-creators of Their Own Learning (LeCoLe)

Congratulations to Dr Aimie Brennan and Dr Colleen Horn who are part of an international consortium of partners who successfully secured funding for a new project called "Learners as Co-Creators of their own Learning" (LeCoLe). The project is co-funded by Erasmus+. 

LeCoLe is a 29 month Erasmus+ project that is working to explore the experience and best practice of partner countries in supporting active engagement of learners (both students and teachers) in planning, implementation and evaluation of the learning process for them to become co-creators of their own learning within collaborative learning process. The project is co-ordinated by the National Education Content Centre (Latvia), with partners from Marino Institute of Education (Ireland), Education Development Center (Latvia); the Ministry of Education and Science (Portugal), the European Education & Learning Institute (Greece) and the University of Iceland (Iceland).

Contemporary students are characterized by being autonomous, independent and self-confident, but at the same time they often lack collaboration and self-expression skills. In Ireland collaborative learning is clearly defined and prioritised at a national curriculum level. Being able to collaborate effectively is a valuable 21st century skill for teachers and students alike. Researchers in MIE are particularly interested in developing knowledge on engaging pre-service teachers in co-learning partnerships during ITE in the hope that pre-service teachers will be better prepared to implement a co-learning partnership approach with their pupils when they are graduate teachers in schools.

LeCole will identify examples of learner engagement in co-creating their own learning in partner countries across Europe. The project will explore how best to incorporate students’ knowledge and skills in the learning process, and how to promote student engagement and desire to be responsible for co-creation of learning. The project will explore the kinds of supports required for teachers to be able to ensure student-led learning and will produce a podcast series with instructional support materials for educators on how to implement new co-creative pedagogies in their practice.

Marino Institute of Education will lead the production of a Podcast series "Learners as Co-creators of Their Own Learning” which aim to raise educators’ awareness, increasing their knowledge and deepening their understanding of multiple modes of instruction and learning that support active engagement of learners in the learning process and different contexts. The project will also produce a digital archive on co-creation in teaching-learning process in and outside the classroom and will include at least five instructional videos or podcasts accompanied by an instructional toolkit. The archive will be shared with educators across the world.

For access to the outputs of the project, please visit the project website at: https://lecole.hi.is

All Podcasts are available in English and in the native language of the lead partner. Podcast episodes can be accessed on Spotify using this link: https://open.spotify.com/show/3i7gaXoxnGm7fF9JLBsrp6

Complementary material to support the Podcast episodes, including links and further reading can be accessed here: https://lecole.hi.is/complementary-material/

Project Team in Ireland


Dr Aimie Brennan 


Dr Colleen Horn