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Aimie Brennan PhD



01 805 7717
St Mary's, Room 112


Dean of Education: Policy, Practice and Society

Lecturer in Education Policy and Research Methods

Coordinator, Masters in Education Studies (MES) Programmes

Coordinator, Student Teacher Educational Research (STER)

Convenor, Pedagogy of Sociology in Professional Practice Study Group, Sociological Association of Ireland (SAI).


PhD, (NUI) Sociology, 2014

M.A. (NUI), Sociology, 2009

B.A., (NUI), Sociology & Geography, 2008


Course leader, B.Ed. Research Methods and Dissertation

Understanding Irish Education Policy and Practice

Education as Liberation and Oppression

Contemporary Issues and Controversies in Education

Assessment and Evaluation

Professional Service

Executive Committee (Membership Secretary), Educational Studies Association of Ireland (ESAI).

Academic Representative, Teaching Council Research Engagement Group (REG)

Staff Associate, National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning in HE.

Academic Representative, National Advisory Group of the National Student Engagement Programme (NStEP)


Student Teacher Educational Research eJournal. 2021. Vol 4, p. 1-150. Available OA from: http://www.ster.ie/journal.html ISSN 2712-0201  

Student Teacher Educational Research eJournal. 2020. Vol 3, p. 1-84. Available OA from: http://www.ster.ie/journal.html ISSN 2712-0201 

Student Teacher Educational Research eJournal. 2019. Vol 2, p. 1-77. Available OA from: http://www.ster.ie/journal.html ISSN 2712-0201 

Student Teacher Educational Research eJournal. 2018. Vol 1, p. 1-23. Available OA from: http://www.ster.ie/journal.html ISSN 2712-0201 


Selected Publications 

Brennan, A. (2021). Reflections on establishing a student-staff partnership in Irish university-based teacher education. In Shagrir, L. and Bar-Tal, S. (Eds). Exploring Professional Development Opportunities for Teacher Educators: Promoting Faculty Student Partnership. Routledge. ISBN 9780367748913.  

 Brennan, A. (2021). The important risk-taking of advocating for student partnership practice. International Journal for Students as Partners, 5(1).  

Brennan, A. (2019). Student Teacher Educational Research: An innovation in Irish Teacher Education, Educational Research and Perspectives: An International Journal, 46(1), 44-75.  

Liston, M., Dolan, A., Brennan, A. and Taylor, M. (2019). Review and Research on the impact of the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) Schools Programme. Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland.  

Brennan, A. (2018). Inclusion, Integration and Interculturality in Education Policy (Early Years to Higher Education), in Cserekyle, E. (2020) ‘Compendium of pedagogical innovations on interculturality’: https://micep.net/en/about-micep/

Brennan, A. (2015). An Evaluation of EIL Travel Abroad Programmes. Cork; EIL Intercultural Learning.

Brennan, A. (2015). FRIENDS Project Evaluation. Limerick: SHINE, Ireland. DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.20735.56486 

Brennan, A. (2014). Leisure and Surveillance in Irish Childhood: A Cross Class Study of Cork City. CORA Open Access Repository, University College Cork.

Brennan, A. and Staunton, D. (2013) Uplift to Positive Mental Wellbeing; An Evaluation of the UCC Peer Mentor Programme. Disability Support Service, UCC.

Brennan, A. (2013). NICHE Speech & Language Pilot Programme (NSLPP). Cork: NICHE Community Health Initiative.

Ring, D., Dunne, C., O'Grady, M., Brennan, A. and Staunton, D. (2013). Uplift to Positive Mental Health University College Cork Peer Mentor Programme, in Rath, V. (2013). Mind, Body, Spirit: The Holistic Approach to the Student Experience Biennial CSSI Proceedings, pp. 45-53. ISBN 978-0-9514675-7-2.  

Brennan, A. (2012). Pathways to Education Research; Analysis of mature student survey data 2009 – 2011. University College Cork, Pathways to Education Programme.

Brennan, A. and Staunton, D. (2012, 2011, 2010) Evaluation of the UCC Uplift to Mental Health Programme. Disability Support Service, UCC.

Murphy, J. and Brennan, A. (2011). NAIRTL Grants Initiative. Cork: National Academy for the Integration of Research, Teaching and Learning. ISBN 1906642443.  

Brennan, A. (2011). Transitional Learning Outcomes of EIL Travel Awards. Cork: The Federation of EIL.

Bent, M. and Brennan, A. (2011). Gateway to sUCCess: The Destination of UCC PLUS+ Graduates. Cork: UCC PLUS+. DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.32479.61608 


Recent Presentations

Brennan, A., Moran, L., Browne, M., McSweeney, G., Lyne, K, (2021). Sociology in Post Primary Education – Challenges and Opportunities, Sociological Association of Ireland Annual Conference. Virtual. 8 May. 

Brennan, A. and Canny, A. (2021). “I would rather more work on teaching phonics” –an exploration of the struggles facing teacher educators in the Sociology of Education. Education Studies Association of Ireland. Virtual. 26 March.  

O’Brien, J., Brennan, A., Byrne, L. (2021). Pedagogy of Social Science to Professional Practice. Workshop with the Analysing Social Change Research Group, Waterford Institute of Technology. Virtual. 23 February.  

Brennan, A. (2020). Working with Student Teachers on the development of an Educational Research Journal. National Students as Partners Virtual Roundtable. Deakin University, Victoria Australia. 24-28 August.  

Brennan, A. (2020). A question of ethics; ethical responsibility in teacher-research policy and practice. Teacher Education Policy in Europe Conference. University of Helsinki, 13-15 May. (Virtual due to COVID-19) 

Brennan, A. and Reilly, C. (2020). Communicating Research to a non-specialist audience using podcasting. Workshop for Pedagogy and Social Education in Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona. Virtual. 18 February.  

Brennan, A. (2020). Partnership in teacher research education: STER as a catalyst for engagement, collaboration and public good. ESAI Symposium, American Educational Research Association (AERA) Annual Meeting, San Francisco, USA. 17-21 April.  (Cancelled due to COVID-I9).  

Campbell, G. and Brennan, A, (2020). Applying a Framework for Reflective Practice in initial teacher education. Virtual International Winter School. Marino Institute of Education, Dublin. 5 November.  

Brennan, A. (2019). Enhancing Student Engagement in Educational Research - An Introduction to the STER Initiative. Education Studies Association of Ireland. St Angela’s College, Sligo. 11th-13th April.  

Brennan, A. and Canny, A. (2019). Exploring Student Engagement with Sociology in Initial Teacher Education. Sociological Association of Ireland Annual Conference. School of Political Science and Sociology, NUI Galway. 10-11 May.   

Brennan, A. (2019). Implementing and supporting Higher Education policy on student engagement in initial teacher education. Policy and Leadership Summer School. Mary Immaculate College, 18-20 June.  

Guilfoyle, L., Brennan, A., O’Sullivan, B., McGroarty, M. (2019). Teachers Engagement in and with Research. Poster. FÉILTE. NUI Galway. 28 September

Brennan, A. (2019). Research Dissemination as a Method for Enhancing Peer Learning in Teacher Education. British Educational Research Association Annual Conference. University of Manchester, UK. 10-12 September.

Brennan, A. (2019). Enhancing Student Engagement in Higher Education: A Case Study, Interdisciplinary Research Group (IRG). Mary Immaculate College, Thurles. 5 March.  

Brennan, A. and Canny, A. (2019) Strengthening Teacher Education; bridging the divide between Foundation disciplines and pedagogical subject knowledge in ITE. Teacher Education Policy in Europe Conference. University of Krakow, Poland. 17-19 May.  

Brennan, A. (2018). Reproducing the Class Habitus in Urban Irish Childhood – A Case Against Resistance. Bourdieu Study Group 2nd Biennial International Conference. Lancaster University, UK. 10–12 July.  

Brennan, A. (2018).  Nurturing the distinctive body – an exploration of agency and docility in affluent children. Bourdieu Study Group 2nd Biennial International Conference. Lancaster University, UK. 10-12 July.  

Hamilton, M., Smith, E. and Brennan, A. (2018) Evidence-Based Portfolio Development.  Workshop at FÉILTE Teaching Council’s annual Festival of Education in Learning and Teaching Excellence. Mary Immaculate College, Limerick. 5 October.  

Brennan, A. (2018) Enhancing Student Engagement in Education Research using a Student-Led Approach to Dissemination. Higher Education Authority (HEA) and Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI) conference ‘Best Practice in Student-Centred Approaches in Education and Training’. Printworks, Dublin Castle, Dublin. 20 November.  

Brennan, A. and Burke, P. (2018.) Valuing school-based research: governance and decision-making in Irish gatekeeping. Educational Studies Association of Ireland Annual Conference (ESAI) University College Dublin. 5– 8 April.  

Brennan, A. and Canny, A. (2018). Problematising the Policy-Practice Disconnect: Engaging Student Teachers in the Foundation Studies in Ireland. Teacher Education Policy in Europe Conference. University of Minho, Braga, Portugal. 17–19 May.  


Current Funded Projects

Determining Student Teachers’ Engagement with, and application of, Educational Research to Enhance Professional Practice in two North and South Teacher Education Institutions [REEPP-NS]  (2021)



Exploring how educators navigate a continuum of reflective practice to enhance professional learning (2020)



LeCoLE: Learners as Co-creators of Their Own Learning (2020)