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Dr. Aiveen Mullally



St Mary's, Room 225


The Arts, Physical and Religious Education


Doctorate in Education (Dublin City University)
M.A.in Religion and Culture (Dublin City University)
Bachelor of Religious Science (Mater Dei / NUI Maynooth)
Bachelor of Science in Psychotherapy and Counselling (Middlesex University)


Multi-Belief and Ethical Curricula in Diverse School Contexts

Religious Diversity and Intercultural Education

Classroom Communication, Organisation and Management

Self-Care and Wellness in the Workplace

School Ethos & Reflective Practice

Research / Professional Interests

The Challenges of Religious Diversity to Community National Schools
The Inclusion of Students of Different Beliefs in Catholic Schools
Pluralism and Policy Development in Schools
Spirituality in the Lives of Children


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Conference Presentations

Mullally, A. (2016), ‘Looking in the Mirror: Accommodating Students of Different Beliefs in Catholic Secondary Schools, Joint Managerial Body Annual Conference, Killarney.

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