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Dr. Rory Mc Daid



01 805 7708
St Mary's, Room 224


Head of Department of Policy and Practice

MES Programme Coordinator

Lecturer in Sociology of Education and Research Methods

Coordinator, Migrant Teacher Project

Visiting Research Fellow, CAVE, School of Education, Trinity College, Dublin


B.A. (Humanities)
M.Phil (Peace Studies)


Sociology of Education (B.Ed; PME)

Intercultural Education (MES)

Research Methods (PME; MES)

Evidence in Education (B.Sc (Education Studies)

Research / Professional Interests

Teacher diversity
Educaring for refugee and asylum seeking children
Recognition of first languages in schools
Qualitative research methodologies
Minority ethnic and minority language parental involvement in schools
Cultural mediation in schools


Ó Duibhir, P., McDaid, R. and O'Shea, A. (2011). All Changed? Culture and identity in contemporary Ireland. Dublin: Duras

Book Chapters

Walsh, T. and Mc Daid, R. (2019). Race discrimination and the management of ethnic diversity at work: The case of elementary teachers in Ireland. In Vassilopoulou, J., Kyriakidou, O. Showunmi, V. and Brabet, J. (Eds.) Race discrimination and the management of ethnic diversity at work: European countries perspectives. United Kingdom: Emerald Group Publishing Limited.

Mc Daid, R. (2019). Smoothing the bumpy road? An examination of some targetted initiatives for refugee and minority ethnic children and young people in Ireland. In J. McBrien (ed.) Exploring educational policies and practices in English-speaking countries of refugee resettlement. Rotterdam: Sense.  

Mc Daid, R. (2018). Closing the achievement for minority language children: Some thoughts on continuing the march. In O’Toole, B. and Skinner, B. (Eds.) Minority language pupils and the curriculum: Closing the achievement gap. Dublin and Belfast: SCOTENS.

Mc Daid, R. and Walsh, T. (2016). Challenging the homogeneity of the elementary school teaching force in Ireland. In Schmidt, C and Schneider, J. (Eds.), Diversifying the teaching force in transnational contexts: Critical perspectives. Rotterdam: Sense Publishers, pp. 153-164.

Mc Daid, R. (2012). Interculturalism in post-primary education. In Hall, T. (Ed.) Education matters year book 2012. Kerry: Education Matters, pp. 133-134.

Ó Duibhir, P., McDaid, R., and O'Shea, A. (2011). Introduction. In P. Ó Duibhir, R. McDaid and A. O'Shea. (eds). All Changed? Culture and identity in contemporary Ireland.Dublin: Duras, pp. 9-21.

Mc Daid, R. (2011). GŁOS, VOCE, VOICE: Minority Language Children Reflect on the Recognition of their First Languages in Irish Primary Schools. In: Darmody, M. Tyrrell, N. And Song, S. eds. The changing faces of Ireland: Exploring immigrant and ethnic minority children's experiences. Rotterdam: Sense, pp. 17-33.

Mc Daid, R. (2007). New Kids on the Block. In Downes, P. and Gilligan, A.L. eds. Beyond Educational Disadvantage. Dublin: IPA, pp 268-279.

Journal Articles
Egan, O. and Mc Daid, R. (2019). Lesbian and gay teachers and Ireland's marriage equality referendum: Rainbow recognition or rancour redux? Irish Teachers' Journal, 7(1), 129-145.

Schmidt, C. and Mc Daid, R. (2015). Linguistic barriers among internationally educated teachers in Ireland and Canada: A critical comparative analysis. Australian Review of Applied Linguistics, 38(3), 172-183.

Prunty, A., Dupont, M. and Mc Daid, R. (2012). Voices of students with special educational needs (SEN): Views on schooling.Support for Learning, 27(1), 29-36.

Educational Resources
Friend-Pereira, J.C. and Mc Daid, R. (2002). Anti-racism and multiculturalism campaigns: Activity and resource pack for student co-ordinators. Dublin: USI.

Cullen, J. and Mc Daid, R. (2001). The disability handbook. Dublin: USI.

Research Reports

Mc Daid, R. (2020). CDETB Migrant integration project: Evaluation report. Dublin: CDETB.

Minton, S. and Mc Daid, R. (2017). A study of participating students’ experiences of the Trinity admissions feasibility study (TAFS). Dublin : CAVE, TCD.

Merriman, B., Greene, S., Doyle, E. and Mc Daid, R. (2013). Growing up in Ireland: Report on the qualitative study of infants and their parent at wave 1. Dublin: Department of Children and Youth Affairs 

Travers, J., Balfe, T., Butler, C., Day, T., Dupont, M., Mc Daid, R., O’Donnell, M. and Prunty, A. (2010). Addressing the challenges and barriers to inclusion in Irish schools: Report to the research and development committee of the Department of Education and Skills.Dublin: St Patrick’s College, Special Education Department.

Ware, J., Balfe, T., Butler, C., Day, T., Dupont, M., Harten, C., Farrell, A., Mc Daid, R., O’Riordan, M., Prunty, A. and Travers, J. (2009). Research report on the role of special schools & classes in Ireland (NCSE Research Reports No: 4). Trim: National Council for Special Education.

Mc Daid, R. (2001). An acute absence: Female participation in students unions. Brussels: ESIB

Funded Projects

Project titleFunding bodyDatesAward
Postgraduate Student SurveyStudentSurvey.ie2021€7,000
Migrant Teacher Project (PI)Department of Justice and Equality2019-2022€150,000
Migrant Teacher Project (PI)Department of Education and Skills2019-2022€50,000
Evaluation of Migrant Integration Project (PI)CDETB2018-2019€4,000
Migrant Teacher Project (PI)Teaching Council2018-2019€4,950
Migrant Teacher Project (PI)Department of Justice and Equality2017-2019€100,000
The lives of Immigrant Internationally Educated Teachers (PI)Marino Institute of Education - Seed funding2014€1,500