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Edmond Gubbins PhD

Edmond Gubbins PhD


01 805 7792
St Mary's, Room 218

LinkedIn              www.linkedin.com/in/edmondgubbins

Twitter                 https://twitter.com/edmond_gubbins



Department of Arts, Mathematics, Physical Education, and Early Childhood


Lecturer in Education with Expertise in Music Education


Dr Edmond Gubbins is a lecturer in music education at Marino Institute of Education in Dublin. He is also currently a visiting research fellow at Trinity College, Dublin. His doctoral research, which examines informal and non-formal learning in music education within primary generalist teacher practice in Ireland has received funding from the Irish Research Council, Mary Immaculate College, and the Irish National Teachers’ Organisation. He is the 2020 winner of the Eda Sagarra medal of excellence for being the top-ranking postgraduate scholar in the domain of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences under the Irish Research Council’s Government of Ireland funding. Edmond’s research interests include: primary music education, informal learning, Musical Futures, and generalist teacher practice in music education.


B.Ed. (Mary Immaculate College, Limerick)

M.Ed. (West Chester University, Pennsylvania)

PhD (Mary Immaculate College, Limerick)

T.T.C.T. (Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann)



Module Code

Module Name




Visual Art and the Arts




Drama and the Arts




Music and the Arts




Arts Education 1




Integrated Arts Education




Publications and other outputs




Forzani, A., Leaman, H., Gubbins, E. and O’Regan, E. (2019). Building Bridges with Bilingual Books and Multicultural Resources: A Practical Manual of Lesson Plans, Literacy Games, and Fun Activities from Around the World to Celebrate Diversity in the Classroom and at Home. Language Lizard LLC.


Journal Articles


Gubbins, E. (2023). Teacher habitus as/at the nexus of practice: Musical Futures and Irish primary schools. Music Education Research, 25(5), 562-576.

Gubbins, E. (2023). Musical Futures and Irish primary schools: an investigation into the impact of informal learning and non-formal teaching on music education. Irish Educational Studies. DOI: 10.1080/03323315.2023.2174570

Gubbins, E. (2021). Music Across the Waves: An International Comparative Examination of the Irish Generalist and American Specialist Models of Music Education from the Teacher's Perspective. British Journal of Music Education, 38(1), 74-92.




Gubbins, E. (2022). Musical Futures as Critical Pedagogy: Participatory Case Study Research with Generalist Primary School Teachers in the Republic of Ireland. PhD thesis. [Doctoral dissertation, Mary Immaculate College]. Gubbins-E.-2022.-Musical-Futures-as-Critical-Pedagogy-Thesis.pdf (musicalfutures.org)


Research Reports


O’Sullivan, C., Clotworthy, E., Nugent, M., Colleary, S., Keane, E., Piazzoli, E., Gubbins, E., Krakaur, L., Kerin, M., McCormick, S., & Heeran Flynn, L. (2023). Arts Alive: A literature review to support curriculum specification development for the area of Arts Education. NCCA.


Conference Contributions


O’Sullivan, C., Clotworthy, E., Nuinseann, M., & Gubbins, E. (2023, March 22nd). Arts Education in the Redeveloped Primary School Curriculum. [Paper presentation]. NCCA Reimagining Curriculum Seminar, Dublin, Ireland.

Gubbins, E. (2022, July 17-22). Interpellations in Primary Generalist Music Education: Informal Learning Pedagogies as Change Facilitators of Music-Related Ideologies. [Paper presentation]. International Society for Music Education World Conference, Brisbane, Australia.

Gubbins, E. (2022, April 21-22). Musical Futures and the Irish Primary School: Findings from Doctoral Research. [Paper presentation]. The Interdisciplinary and Intersectoral Futures for Music Education in Ireland Symposium, All Hallows Campus, DCU, Dublin.

Gubbins, E. (2021, November 4-6). Amplifying primary music education: Findings from doctoral research on the impact of the Musical Futures informal learning pedagogy on music teaching and learning within the Irish primary generalist context. [Paper presentation]. The Society for Music Education in Ireland Conference, online.

Gubbins, E. (2021, May 27-28). Informal and Non-Formal Music Education Approaches and the Primary School: Interim Findings from a Pilot Cycle Study into the Experiences of Music Teaching and Learning in the Primary Classroom using the Musical Futures Approach. [Paper presentation]. University of Limerick Arts Humanities and Social Sciences Postgraduate Conference, Limerick, Ireland.

Gubbins, E. (2021, May 18-19). Music Education, Informal Learning, and Primary Generalist Teacher Practice: Findings from a Pilot Cycle Study into the Experiences of Music Teaching and Learning in the Primary Classroom using the Musical Futures Approach. [Paper presentation]. The Shannon Region Postgraduate Research Conference, online.

Gubbins, E. (2021, March 25-26) Musical Futures and COVID: the experiences of generalist teachers and students of informal and non-formal music teaching and learning in the primary classroom. [Paper presentation]. The Educational Studies Association of Ireland Conference, online.

Gubbins, E. (2020, September 3-5), The possibilities for informal learning pedagogies in opening up music education for the primary school. [Paper presentation]. The Educational Studies Association of Ireland Conference, Dublin, Ireland.

Gubbins, E. (2020, April 29). Investigating Generalist Primary Teachers’ Musical Backgrounds and Experiences and the Potential Impact of Non-Formal Pedagogies on Teaching and Learning. [Paper presentation]. University of Limerick Arts Humanities and Social Sciences Postgraduate Conference, Limerick, Ireland.

Gubbins, E. (2020, January 24-25) The case for informal learning pedagogies and their potential impact on music education practice in the primary school. [Paper presentation]. The Society for Music Education in Ireland Conference, St. Patrick’s Teacher Training College, DCU, Dublin, Ireland.

Gubbins, E. & O’Regan, E. (2018, May 30-June 1). Cross-Curricular Lesson Planning Using Dual Language Books. [Paper presentation]. The New Jersey Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages/New Jersey Bilingual Education Spring Conference, Somerset, New Jersey, USA.




Gubbins, E. (2023, March 4th) on Hanrahan, K., Céilí House. [Radio Broadcast]. RTÉ. https://www.rte.ie/radio/radio1/ceili-house/programmes/2023/0304/1360309-ceili-house-saturday-4-march-2023/

Gubbins, E. (2021). A Pilot Study of Musical Futures in Primary Schools in Ireland | #MuFuTV 2021. [YouTube Video]. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0pbDNE-sicY




Gubbins, E. & Moore, G. (2021, March 24). Musical Futures in Ireland: A New Approach to Primary Music Education [webinar].

Research/Professional Interests 

Music Education; Primary Education; Generalist Arts Education; Informal learning.


Eda Sagarra Medal of Excellence awardee from the Irish Research Council (1st place for postgraduate awards in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences).

Irish Research Council Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarship Scheme awardee (Highly competitive and prestigious national award for outstanding students recognised as demonstrating world-class potential as future research leaders. Total value €48,000).

MIC Doctoral Studentship Award 2019 Awardee (competitive award granted based on a prospective student’s academic excellence. Total value €38,312).

Irish National Teachers' Organisation 2019 Bursary Award Winner (€3000).

Graduate Dean’s Scholarship for Global Diversity and Academic Achievement at West Chester University 2017 ($4000).

West Chester University Scholarship Awardee 2016 (competitive process amongst highest achieving graduates of the B.Ed. and B.Ed.Psych. programmes in MIC. Covers the winner’s tuition fees to complete a Master’s programme at West Chester University, Pennsylvania - $18,730.00 per year, up to two years).

MIC President’s Scholarship Award 2016 for First Class Honours in the B.Ed. (fee reduction of €1500 per annum towards completing Masters programmes at MIC).

MIC Award for 1st place in the Mathematics Specialism 2016.

MIC Foundation Award for Excellence in Music 2015 (€500).


Member of the Arts Education Research Group (AERG), in collaboration with arts education colleagues across MIE and Trinity College Dublin.

Member of the Society for Music Education in Ireland (SMEI).