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Seán Delaney PhD



01 805 7722
St Mary's, Room 115


Dr Seán Delaney is Registrar and Vice President (Academic Affairs)

Seán Delaney has been a teacher educator in Marino Institute of Education in Dublin since 1999. He is Vice President (Academic Affairs) and Registrar. His teacher education and research activities are informed by his primary teaching experience which spanned eleven years; during that time he taught all primary class levels and spent one year as principal of a nine-teacher school in Kilkenny City. He was a member of the English (primary) sub-committee of the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment. In 1998 he was named the Fulbright-Ireland Boyer Scholar in Education and he studied at Harvard University where he was awarded a Master’s Degree in Education. In 2008 he received his PhD in Teaching and Teacher Education from the University of Michigan. His dissertation, entitled “Adapting and Using U.S. Measures to Study Irish Teachers’ Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching,” was supervised by Professor Deborah Ball. He subsequently authored a report for the Irish Department of Education and Science on “Irish Primary Teachers’ Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching.” His research interests are in the practice of teaching, teacher education, mathematics education, teacher knowledge, and comparing professional knowledge across countries.


B.Ed. (NUI)  Dip. Curriculum Studies and Dip. Educational Management (University of Dublin) 

M.Ed. (Harvard University) 

M.Sc. (NUI)

Ph.D. (University of Michigan)



Teaching & Learning 2 – Approximations of Practice (B.Ed. 3)

Teaching & Learning – Approximations of Practice (B.Ed. 1 and PME 2)



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1998 Named Fulbright-Ireland Boyer Scholar in Education (US$10,000)
2008 Awarded a Rackham One-term dissertation fellowship by the University of Michigan for the winter semester.


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