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MIE Students' Union FAQ's

Can you join Trinity College Dublin’s clubs & societies?

Yes you can. Some of them may require some work with the society for things like gym access which Marino students do not have but these are conversations you can debate with the society of your choosing. Other societies such as debate, chess, musical theatre and newspaper societies etc you are welcome to join. Marino has a great selection of fantastic clubs & societies which are growing each year.

How much is the gym membership?

€30 a year. You must have completed your gym induction which occurs during your first year induction process. If you haven’t received a gym induction but would like one, please contact [email protected]

What kind of events are held during the year?

There are lots of social events during fresher’s week at the beginning of the year. We organise events to coincide with specific times of the year e.g. Halloween, Christmas, Seachtain na Gaeilge, Wellbeing Week etc. We also have our end of year ball and a yearly charity event. We’re always looking for new creative ideas so please do get in touch.

Do you get penalised for missing lectures due to Marino events?

If you miss lectures for events such as matches, rehearsals or assisting in college run events that are sanctioned by a member of staff you will not be penalised. It is not recommended to miss lectures as the content is important, however Marino acknowledges that it is also important to show off your talents and represent the college! 

Do you have to be in 2nd year or a particular course to apply to be on the Students’ Union?

Not at all! In fact we would love to see representation from all courses as much as possible as it allows us to create a more inclusive SU that represents all students from all courses. The introduction of the position of Vice President of Life Long learning has shown the positive impact that representation from these courses has and is something we would love to see more of.

What are the contact details of the Counselling Service?

For information or to make an appointment you should telephone 01 896 1407. Appointments can be made instantly over the phone. You can schedule an appointment with our on-campus Counsellor or with one of the counsellors in Trinity College Dublin. For non-urgent enquiries you can e-mail [email protected]

Do I need to make an appointment in advance for the counselling service?

Yes. However in the case of an emergency that cannot wait, there are emergency appointments every day. Students are asked to call (01) 8961407 and request an emergency appointment, and the counsellor on duty will call you back.

Is the Counselling Service available on campus?

Yes, all the counselling sessions take place in Room 39 in St. Pat’s building. For more FAQ’s and further information on the Counselling Service click here or check out our Support Services section of our website.

Who do I contact if I have any issues regarding finance?

You can contact the finance office (01 805 7700 or [email protected]) or your tutor.

Where do I get information on the various grants or scholarships available?

There is information on the scholarships page of the website. You can contact your tutor who can discuss this further with you.

Who do I get in contact with if I have issues regarding personal wellbeing?

You can contact your tutor, the Counselling Service or the Students’ Union Welfare and Equality Officer. You might like to visit the Support Services section of our website that has a lot of useful information.

When are the self-care workshops held?

The workshops are normally held a few weeks before you go on placement.