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Marino Institute of Education - Access Routes to Education


Marino Institute of Education - Access Routes to Education

DARE and HEAR is a college and university admissions scheme which offers places at reduced points to students who as a result of having a disability have experienced additional educational challenges in second level education or school leavers from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds who are resident in the Republic of Ireland.
Successful DARE and HEAR applicants receive pastoral and academic support throughout the academic programme from Marino Institute of Education. 

DARE and HEAR admission policy
MIE is part of the DARE/HEAR national alternative admissions scheme. Information sessions for students who wish to find out more about the DARE & HEAR access route for 23/24 were held on Saturday 14th January, 2023.  These sessions were recorded and are available at the bottom of this page or on the www.accesscollege.ie website 

Allocation of DARE and HEAR and Mature Places in MIE
MIE reserves a number of places on undergraduate courses for students on alternative admissions schemes. These places are allocated to students with disabilities (DARE), students from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds (HEAR), and Mature students. Offers are evenly distributed amongst all eligible applicants. Applicants should note that DARE and HEAR eligibility provides an opportunity to compete for such places; it does not guarantee or entitle them to an offer of a place on reduced points. 

Students who are eligible for DARE and HEAR offer must still:

a) meet the matriculation/admission requirements


b) meet any subject specific requirements for their chosen course, where applicable. 

A reduction of up to 10% of the points required for each course is granted to DARE and HEAR eligible students.



MIE welcomes applications from prospective students with disabilities and endeavours to assist all students to realise their potential as professional educators by offering a range of supports, including reasonable accommodations. In supporting the participation of students with disabilities in programmes that confer eligibility to practice as a teacher, the institute strives to balance principles of inclusiveness with the high standards and duty of care required of educators of children and young people.

In recognition of national and university targets to increase the number of student with sensory and physical disabilities, DARE offers will be made first to eligible applicants with sensory and physical disabilities, and remaining places offered to all other students with disabilities who are eligible. When allocating DARE places the target groups named above are prioritised and the remaining places are offered to all other students with disabilities with the highest points within the threshold (points for the course in round 1, and minimum points based on percentage reduction).

MIE's Disability Service is delivered in partnership with the Disability Service in Trinity College Dublin (TCD).  Information on services available can be found on the MIE Student Support Services, Disability webpage 

Some of the supports available to students with disabilities includes: 

  • Needs assessment on entry to determining any additional learning requirements

  • Assistive technology training and support

  • Pre-placement planning and support

  • Liaison with your tutors/lecturers to help arrange accessible programme materials

  • Extended library loans

  • Occupational Therapy: A practical support service for students with a variety of disabilities, focusing on developing skills and strategies to manage the everyday activities of student life. 

  • Students with a disability should apply to the Disability Access Route to Education (DARE) website.

Condition of a DARE Offer:

Students who receive a DARE offer must register with the Disability Service and agree on a schedule of meetings with the Disability Service. For further information please contact the Student Support Officer on 01 805 7752 or email: [email protected] 

Disability Access Route to Education (DARE) Information Session Saturday 14th January 2023


MIE is a member of the Higher Education Access Route (HEAR) scheme, a third-level alternative admissions scheme for school-leavers who have experienced socio-economic disadvantage that negatively affects educational attainment at school and progression by some second-level students to third level.

HEAR offers reduced points places to school-leavers who, as a result of their socio-economic background have experienced additional educational challenges in second-level education. In addition, eligible applicants who get a place in MIE will receive a variety of supports, including: financial advice and guidance, academic support and personal support. Detailed information is available on the HEAR website.

To apply for HEAR please see the Access College website on http://accesscollege.ie/hear/making-an-application/handbooks-forms/

Who can apply to HEAR?

HEAR is for school-leavers under the age of 23 as of 1 January in the year of application who have the ability to benefit from and succeed in higher education, but may not be able to meet the points for their preferred course due to the impact of their socio-economic background on their second-level education.

Applicants to HEAR can present with an Irish Leaving Certificate, A-Levels and other EU qualifications.

Higher Education Access Route (HEAR) Information Session Saturday 10th January 2022