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Disability Service

The Disability Service here in MIE is delivered in partnership with Trinity College Dublin Disability Service since 2012.  The Disability Service operates on a disability needs basis, providing direct support to students who disclose a disability by, via both a meeting with a Disability Officer, and a referral to other disability supports such as Assistive Technology (AT) and Occupational Therapy (OT) services, as appropriate, in MIE or Trinity College Dublin (Trinity).

Below is a brief outline of the process for students registering with the Disability Service and how you can check the students in courses/modules you deliver that are registered with the service and most importantly how we can support them to achieve their maximum potential. 

  • Students register with the Disability Service through the CAO via the DARE route or at any point during their time studying at MIE.
  • The disability service registration process is managed through the student Institution's Web account MAESTRO
  • Once a student registers with the Disability Service they will be brought through the following process during a Needs Assessment meeting:
    • Review the evidence of their disability. 
    • Reasonable Accommodations required - where standard Reasonable Accommodations are not sufficient to meet the needs of the student Non Standard Reasonable Accommodations will be discussed.
  • Following the Needs Assessment meeting with the Disability Service a Learning Educational Needs Summary (LENS) is agreed and uploaded to MAESTRO for the student to approve.

Students with a disability are encouraged to register with the Disability Service at MIE to seek supports where the disability could affect their ability to participate fully in all aspects of their life in college.

Here are a few, but not all, of the supports and services available to students with disabilities:

  • Advice to Leaving Certificate students thinking of coming to MIE on admission, course choices, and supports
  • A tailored pre-university orientation programme for entrants and parents
  • A Disability Officer who will assess your needs and work with you during your student journey
  • The use of assisted technologies to assist in your learning
  • Occupational Therapy support, which provides confidential, practical support for students who may be experiencing mental health difficulties and/or physical and sensory difficulties.
  • Pre-placement planning and support
  • Liaison with tutors/lecturers to help arrange accessible programme materials
  • Extended library loans
  • The disability service has in place a range of supports to ensure that students with disabilities have full access to the same facilities for study as their peers.

Further information on Student Disability Services is available here