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ga - Rory McDaid

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History of Education
Research Methods
Teaching and Learning in multi-ethnic and multi-lingual schools
Globalisation and Irish education

Research / Professional Interests

Recognition of first languages in schools
Qualitative research methodologies
Broad based concepts of inclusion at primary and post-primary level
Minority ethnic and minority language parental involvement in schools
Cultural mediation in schools
Sociology of Education
Children in state run institutions in Belarus


Recent Publications:


Ó Duibhir, P. McDaid, R. and O'Shea, A., 2011.All Changed? Culture and identity in contemporary Ireland.Dublin:Duras

Book Chapters
Mc Daid, R. and Walsh, T. (in press). Challenging the homogeneity of the elementary school teaching force in Ireland. In Schmidt, C and Schneider, J. (Eds.), Diversifying the teaching force in transational contexts: Critical perspectives. Sense Publishers: Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
Ó Duibhir, P., McDaid, R., and O'Shea, A. 2011. Introduction. In: Ó Duibhir, P., McDaid, R., and O'Shea, A. eds.All Changed? Culture and identity in contemporary Ireland.Dublin: Duras, pp. 9-21.
Mc Daid, R. 2011. 2011. GŁOS, VOCE, VOICE: Minority Language Children Reflect on the Recognition of their First Languages in Irish Primary Schools. In: Darmody, M. Tyrrell, N. And Song, S. eds. The Changing Faces of Ireland: Exploring Immigrant and Ethnic Minority Children's Experiences. Rotterdam: Sense, pp. 17-33.
Mc Daid, R. 2007. New Kids on the Block. In Downes, P. and Gilligan, A.L. eds.Beyond Educational Disadvantage.IPA: Dublin, pp 268-279.,

Peer Reviewed Journals
Schmidt, Clea and McDaid, Rory. (2015). Linguistic barriers among internationally educated teachers in Ireland and Canada: A critical comparative analysis. Australian Review of Applied Linguistics, 38(3), 172-183.
Prunty, A. Dupont, M. and Mc Daid, R.Voices of students with special educational needs (SEN): Views on schooling. Support for Learning, 27(1), 29-36.

Educational Resources
Friend-Pereira, J.C. and Mc Daid, R., 2002.Anti-racism and Multiculturalism Campaign: Activity and resource pack for student co-ordinators.USI: Dublin.
Cullen, J. and Mc Daid, R., 2001.The Disability Handbook.USI: Dublin.

Research Reports
Merriman, B., Greene, S., Doyle, E., and McDaid, R. (2013) Growing up in Ireland: Report on the qualitative study of infants and their parent at wave 1. Dublin: Department of Children and Youth Affairs
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Mc Daid, R. 2013. Entry Criteria: Obstructing the path to becoming another brick in the wall? Entering Initial Teacher Education in Ireland. Paper presented at Educational Policy in Changing Times: Consultation, Implementation and Impact. ESAI Annual Conference, Radisson Hotel, Limerick, 22 March 2013.
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Mc Daid, R. and O’Toole, B. 2012. Literacy Teaching through Sport: ‘Kicking off with English Language Skills’. Paper presented at From Literacy Research to Classroom Practice: Insights and Inspiration.38th Reading Association of Ireland Annual Conference, Marino Institute of Education, Dublin 29 September 2012
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Mc Daid, R., 2009. “Nomenclature”: How to talk about minority language and minority ethnic children. Paper presented atELSTA members meeting,Dublin, 28 February 2009.
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Mc Daid, R., 2006. An Examination of the Involvement of Children in the Selection Process for Ireland’s First Ombudsman for Children. Paper presented at Investment and Citizenship: Towards a Transdisciplinary Dialogue on Child and Youth Rights.Brock University, St. Catherine’s, Canada, 19 May 2006.


I completed my BA (History & Human Development) in St. Patrick’s College, Drumcondra in 1999, following which I spent two very enjoyable years working with students unions, as President of the SU in St. Pats (1999-2000) and then national Equality Officer with the Union of Students in Ireland (2000-2001). I represented USI on a variety of national and international bodies and was one of the co-ordinators of the Students 10K Walk for Belarus, a successful fundraising venture spanning the island of Ireland. I returned to full-time education in 2001, reading for an MPhil (International Peace Studies) in the Irish School of Ecumenics, TCD, and then a H.Dip in Education in NUIG. I was appointed as a Children’s Consultation Officer with the ISPCC in 2003 and worked on an innovative project involved in the selection process for Ireland’s first Ombudsman for Children. In September 2004 I took up a position as an English Language Support Teacher in St. Gabriel’s N.S, Cowper St., Dublin 7. While in St. Gabriel’s I became a founding member and Chairperson of the Advisory Group to the Schools Cultural Mediation Project, which provided translation, interpretation and cultural mediation to ten schools in the D7 School Completion Programme Area. It was while working in St. Gabriel’s that I embarked on my doctorate in education through St. Patrick’s College, researching the experiences of minority language children in Irish primary schools with regard to the recognition of their first languages. While completing my doctorate, I worked as a researcher in the Special Education Department in St. Patrick’s College contributing to a number of national research projects. Upon completion of my doctorate, I travelled to Thailand where I worked as a teacher educator with World Education in the Umphiem Mai refugee camp on the Burmese border. I returned to Dublin in late 2009 and took up a position as a Research Fellow in the Children’s Research Centre, TCD working as a qualitative researcher on the National Longitudinal Study, Growing Up in Ireland. I worked as a teacher in London during the school year 2010/2011 and was appointed as a lecturer in Marino Institute of Education in August 2011.